Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello, I have grown! (7mw3)

Hello world,
I am going to be 8 months soon. These past 2 weeks, I have given my parents some little surprises:
- I gave them a hard night once, but the next day my 2 lower teeth showed up :)
- I can sit up with my back straight
- I can prop myself up to standing position as long as I got something to hold on to :) I really like to do this especially when I'm in my crib.
- I have started to do proper crawling (lifting my tummy up). I can do 5 steps like that, and then I'll go back to  locomoting ("merayap"). It is quite tiring to do proper crawling :)
 - I have learnt new syllables.. "yeay" and "chacha"... on top of my "mamamama..", "dadaa", "hey..." and so on :)
- I still dislike avocado but my mum keeps giving it to me, Mum says it's good for the brain and the body fat :) Ok, I will eat it but pls mix it with my other favourite food, like rice or banana :)

I don't know what new things I will learn in the coming month, but stay tuned, I will surprise my pa&ma again :)

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Anonymous said...

hahaha lucuuu!! apalagi pas goyang2in pantatnya.. hihihi..
adam sehat banget ya ter, tembeeemmm.. hebat nih mamanya kasih ASI-nya. :)