Saturday, September 12, 2009

Missing Bakso

Yesterday, a friendly colleague took me out for Lunch in Chinatown, after hearing I'm missing Bakso/the Indonesian meat ball soup. Coincidentally she had planned to go there with her friend for a 'beef noodle' lunch. Turned up that they have Bakso as well in this part of the country, yay!

Verdict? It tastes different than the one back home, & aside from the meat balls, they also added slices of beef meats & tripes/offals (I initially thought that this was the cow's inside skin, but actually it's the lining of their stomach) and some sort of thick saucy paste (minced beef & chilli?) which completed the flavour of the soup. I like it very much.

Another blog has a review on it, click here if interested :). And my favourite foodblog eatingasia has it as well :)

Here, eating noodles is slightly more complicated than back home, where u usually only have to choose either to go with mi kuning (yellow noodles) or bihun (Vermicelli). I guess being closer to the country origin of noodles, ie. China, made people here have more varieties of noodle to offer. I still have to remember the different chinese names for the types of noodles, so I can order properly next time (usually these old stalls's servants dont speak english). Currently, this is what I've gathered:
- loh shue fun (rat tail noodle)
- hor fun (thick flat rice noodle)
- bee hoon
- yellow noodle (sang meen)
- Pan Meen (board noodles) <-- This is special dish, usually served with minced pork & ikan bilis (ikan teri!)

You also have a choice to eat your bakso soupy or dry, unlike our bakso which is always eaten soupy :)

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Afternoon Stroll at Pasar Kramat

One of our most frequent groceries shopping spot is the nearby Kramat Wet Market. Being a 'city' girl, I do most of my shopping in hypermarkets like Carrefour, Tesco, Jusco or Cold Storage. Sadly however, I've not been able to find fresher meats compared to those sold in Kramat Wet Market. The quality of meat, beef especially, in the hypermarkets are 80% horrendous.
Anyway, this afternoon, we dropped by to Kramat Wet Market, where in place of its open-air parking space, tents selling foods for 'buka puasa' were buzzling with people, sellers & buyers, mixed together. I love lively atmosphere like this, where people mingle actively, yet still in a peaceful manner. Lots of various things sold. We bought Roti John (bread in the form of baguette, but texture is same as hotdog sandwich bread, with thin layer of omelette spread in it plus mayo+ketchup), chendol ice (nothing beats Penang chendol), and local glutinous snacks.
One of the drink stalls was selling Chrysantemum Tea in plastic bags, as pictured above. Lovely isn't it, they actually had the flowers in it!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tomaeto or Tomaa-to please?

Not sure what's going on in this town. I've gone to 3 major hypermarkets here & 1 expat supermarket, and cannot find a single tomato juice in store!
Not sure whether it is banned here or they actually put this drink in some other section of the shops, like in the 'ketchups' section? But i had checked there as well to no avail.

There's only one more place to check, those japanese supermarkets, like Isetan.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Back Dorm Boys

TGIF. It's Friday. This lightened my morning. Have a great weekend opener!