Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love this

I love how she shared this photo to the world (thru twitter). Nursing (or pumping) at work looks easy, but it is hard work too. ** Pink and her daughter, Willow Sage **.

ps: I think the kid is already in sleeping mode in the photo, but nevertheless love the message this photo conveys. no work bars mums from lovingly give the best for her child.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Waving hello n bye

After 2 months plus of teaching him to wave bye/hello, he consciously (or automatically) does it every time someone walks towards the entrance door *grin*. So proud of my little boy.

With it,also came the separation anxiety that i've been waiting since he was 6mths. Not too bad though. Both of us are handling it well i must say :)

Ps:will post matching pix once i have it

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Standing with hands on air

I spent my first overnight trip without Adam yesterday. N this morning, when i came back home, i was delightfully surprised to see him showing his latest act: standing up with his arms dangling up in the air for a few seconds, maybe 3 or 4 or more secs.
When i played with him on the mattress, he did the same act again repeatedly, propping himself up with the help of the wall, let go the hands, stand up for few seconds, fall down, laugh, turn his body around, and repeat the cycle again!
He is obviously enjoying it too!
Growing up fast my boy! #10m 3/4

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Food for thought

Sudah beberapa minggu ini ARK lebih susah makan. Yg dulunya 5menit kelar,ini mah bs setengah jam lebih.blm klo udah bener2 ngatup alias gtm.
Mikir segala macam penyebab,ntah teething,lbh pengen main,msh kenyang ama susu,lama nelan krn udah naik tekstur dst.muter otak, nyoba beberapa resep baru blm ada yg top markotop berhasil mancing dia mkn lahap.
Eh taunya krn pengen nyobain ikan jenis baru buat Adam dan suami sukses nemuin ikan patin dr pasar, akhirnya ngubek2 resep n nemu disini. Hasilnya?.. Sukses berat deh ni menu baru buat Ark.

Lahap hap ! gini terus dong nak, mama kan seneng liatnya ;)

Resepnya kumodif sbg berikut:
Ikan patin (1potong fillet)
2bwg merah
3bwg putih
Kacang merah (sebaiknya sdh direndam)
Daun salam
Ini modifku: +Daun jeruk+sere (biar ga amis)

Rebus semua diatas smp matang (7-10mnt)
Angkat ikan,buang kulit,duri (aga peer nih,secara kecil2 ada duri nyelip)
Rebus sisa kacang di slow cooker biar tambah empuk (3jam)
Aku tambahin pasta baby sekalian buat karbonya.

Pas udah ready, krn adam lagi susah makan n aku takut dia ga nyaman ama kulit kacangnya, kublender semua dgn kuah n bubur nasi secukupnya.

Hasilnya: harum n nyam nyam!

Serve dgn sayur (td pake bunga kol) utk variasi mikronutriennya.

Ps: ga ada foto makanannya. Just my kiddo happy face sitting on the high chair

Circus on bed

Akhirnya setelah 1taon lebih nyimpan wall sticker,ditempel juga nih barang. Dari feeling so good bakal pindah rumah,mikir2 spot yg paling pas n setelah mindahin posisi kasur jauh dari arah ac,nemplok lah rombongan sirkus nemenin my ark (adam reidanu kaelan) baby bobo.
Ps:he loves it when i point to the elephants n monkey carriage,gives out a big grin!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

My 10th month kiddo

Happy 10th month my champ! Here is what he is loving to do at the moment:
  • lying down and relaxing beside or on me cuddled just after he wakes up in the morning.
  • trying to wake papa up by calling 'eh eh' or 'mh mh mh'.
  • sleeping sideways almost like hugging an imaginary bolster (but i'm not giving him one, afraid he will be so attached to it)
  • shaking/swinging his arms happily when we hold him standing up straight
  • guaranteed giggles when we hold him and swing him sideways or making him feel being dropped downwards
What he does not so likey at the moment:
  • coarse food in his porridge. He used to be ok with it, but now he will stop opening his mouth if we give him such texture, or worse he will end up crying loudly. The poor guy. Probably he's not comfortable with his growing teeth either. Now we blend all the ingredients to make sure it is smooth.
  • banana. he used to love it, now he loathe it!