Friday, September 28, 2012

13 Months and going strong

Adam big cornerstone the past month is to start walking. Yap, he has started walking everyday since 1week past 12 months. Few steps at the beginning,then followed by regular of 5-6 metres, and now it's pretty stable, esp. if surface is not bumpy. I can see that he will love to run around the house, as he already tries to, even when he couldnt properly walk like an adult yet.

His 2 lower teeth got 2 new companies, so now he has 8 teeth in total.
Oh another good cornerstone is when he started eating rice willingly, and boy he ate loads of them. It happened on our 2nd day of our Singapore trip. I think he benefitted from having breakfast/lunch/dinner with a big group of us and started immitating how we ate.

Few days ago, I brought him walking in the garden/playing park downstairs and he accidentally saw a cat, albeit quite far from him (10m away). He got very excited and screamed with excitement as he strides towards it. Naturally the cat ran away. But we managed to find him back. The next day I took him out again, purposely to look for the cat. And we actually found 4 cats, some hiding beneath benches or bushes. One, i was quite surprised with the degree of his excitement, but another fact that surprised me is when the next day i brought him to the same place again, he automatically bent down & went to look under the bench and bushes for the cat, even though no cat, while shouting the high-pitched 'mmmmmmm' word the way he's been calling the cats. didnt realize that at 13 months baby does have excellent memory!

photo taken during our trip to SG, Adam close to 13 months.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

A quiet sunday morning

what changes since we have a child? A lot definitely, but one of them is how rare to get a quiet sunday morning, with the cool morning air swiping on my face, birds chirping to the delight of my ears, and a hot thick sweet tea to accompany my fingers dancing on the keyboard. Just like right now.

Ahhhh.... let me savour this moment for a while.... :)