Monday, April 04, 2011

Flashback to 2010

Yes, I know it's a bit late now to post all things related to 2010, but I've been meaning to do this before I post anything in 2011. 2010 was an exciting year for me & CK, as we travelled to lots of new places, nearby & some a little bit further. Thus, pictures for the memory lane it is!

**Spoiler Warning: Long Scroll Ahead**

2010 Jan: Singapore Trip on my Birthday
We took the Aerobus KL-SG, just in 3.5 hours to go down to SG, visit my bro, meet CK's parents&sister, and this happened on my birthday. We celebrated by watching Songs of the Sea in Sentosa, a lighting & musical show.

2010 Feb: Trip to Cherating during Chinese New Year:
This is on the northern beach side of Malaysia, so far the most memorable place I've been in Malaysia: The long stretch of white sands beach, the one day forest hike we went with 7 layers of waterfall, the night river ride to see fireflies.. magical... and the nicest old coffeeshop!

2010 Feb: Putrajaya Air Balloon Show:
We went on a saturday morning, this administrative town of M'sia, just 45mins from our place, was the place for an international air baloon festival:
2010 March: HongKong Trip with Iv & Ch:
Iv was having her office training there, and 2 of us jumped into the wagon & joined her. A city of old & new concrete jungle, fantastic view from the Peak, Disneyland, Sea World, Shoppings & eat & eat...

2010 May: Mum dropped by to KL:
Following my quick trip to Jkt (family reunion as usual), my mum tagged along on my way back to KL.
We visited Genting Highland.

2010 July: Taman Negara Weekend Trip:
This protected forest area is located in Pahang State. Another memorable trip into the forest, this time with long boat trips along the cooling river & a tree top canopy walk which made some of the younger ones of us loose the chill!

2010 July: Hong Kong & Macau Trip:
I was fortunate to visit Hong Kong again, due to an office training, and I used the weekend to visit the nearby Macau Island, just 45 mins by fast ferry.

2010 August: 2 Weeks Thailand Trip:
This was the longest holiday we had in the year & we really enjoyed ourselves. The first week of the trip, we took our parents along... Bangkok & ChiangMai with them: Palace & pagoda sightseeing, nightmarkets, day trip to old ruin city of Ayuthaya, elephant riding, thai cooking class... Hmmm... so much to do in Thailand.

Then.. the 2nd week, just me & CK, off to Koh Samui & its nearby smaller *heaven* islands, followed by a bonus trip to the quiet laidback - equally beatiful - Krabi. I can say that I will never get tired of beaches & I love Thailand because of this. "Amazing Thailand" - I agree to this tag!


2010 October: KL ATV Trip in Bukit Tabur
Only 2 words: Fun & Dangerous!

2010 November: Club Med Cherating:
A Friday+weekend trip with CK's office to close one of his project. The hotel provided so many activities for us to choose from: Trapezium (only for those who have not drank beer for tea break :) ), sailing, beach volleyball, archery, lazing around, waterpolo, watergym, yoga, night circus show, dancing till midnight, and free flow of breakfast, lunch, and dinner... hmmm.... what a nice rewarding break, for me too, I had the toughest long working hours in Oct & Nov, but so glad my project signed off & I could join CK for this trip :).

2010 November: Seoul Trip:
It was early winter in Korea & Air Asia just opened KL-Seoul flight. We went there with bargained-price tickets & found an interesting culture, beautiful sightseeing, and the first snow in Seoul on our last night :)

Hmm... little did we know that I was about 3 weeks pregnant on this trip :) !
It was the nicest surprise that welcomed us back when we reached KL :)

2010 December: Batam & Jakarta Family Visit
To close the year, what better way than to spend it with family. We spent Christmas in Batam with CK family & kins, then short 2.5 days trip to Jkt to catch up with my fam. We spent the Year End in KL... me & my morning/night sickness to mark the year end closing... but nothing compared to the happiness all along the year :)

Summary of the year:
Looking back, I can only say that 2010 was a great year & feel so blessed that we had the chance to spend our times together where we are now & these breaks in between... Not that spending it all in one place would be less blessed, but it was just the way we decided to spend the year...
It will also be the last year we spent just as a couple in our 'small' little family, I cant wait to feel the new experience in 2011, with the additional responsibility we are being given :)