Friday, January 30, 2009

My 5 days January trip to Jogja was mostly spent indoor and recovering (& by that I meant lazing around). My dad had quite a bunch of cool dvds on the table & there was enough selection for my time-span there. Three of them had Brad Pitt in it. All of them were good and interesting movies, Pitt is either so lucky or really knows which contract to choose.
- Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Watch this if u want to see Brad at his best flawless facial skin, like when he was starring in Legends of the Fall 14 years ago)
- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (There's been many movies on the real-life american version of Robin Hood, but this one focuses on how his life ended...)
- Burn After Reading (Pitt plays a dumb guy & Clooney keeps looking older, I still wonder why it was not titled Burnt After Reading)

Facts about these movies:
- 'Curious' was directed by David Fischer, who directed Se7en that starred Pitt as well.
- Shiloh (Pitt's daughter) played in the movie as well as the baby version of Cate Blanchett
- 'The Assasination's director of photography was Roger Deakins, who also handled 'A Beautiful Mind' and was cinematographer for 'Revolutionnary Road' & 'Fargo'.
- 'Burn' was written & directed by Ethan Joel Coen brothers
- I've come across the Coen brothers a lot in articles/spreads but never really noted what they are known for. After some online research, they are known for 'noir' taste. In fact one of my all-time favourite movie Shawshank Redemption was directed by them! Their other movie that i have watched & also on my luv-list is Fargo.
- Most of past Coens films had Deakins as Cinematographer (see 'The Assasination'). Words has it that the only reason 'Burn' was not cinematographed by Deakins, was because the schedule conflicted with the filming of 'Revolutionnary Road'.
- My fave pick out of the 3 is 'Assasination'. I was in awe of the cinematography rendered. I will write a separate post on it :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've been re-running the videoclip & enjoying the song "Halo" by Beyonce endless times.
Both the song & movie got this ethereal feeling right from the beginning.
I think beautiful does not need to be complicated. And this simple clip was what it was about.
Just cuts of light ray, snapshot of a couple's daily life, and Beyonce is already striking thru.

Just love it.

ps: There is also a rendering of the same song by amateur duet Rin on the Rox. They gave the song a 'happier' feel, quite worth to look at, so I'll just put it here. they've been featured in Ellen Degeneres Show!

Friday, January 23, 2009

day dream

....And I hope you realize, this isn’t just happy snappy positive thinking. Rather, it is a call to use your waking hours to think deep and dream big. For this will open you up to new realities, just as Edgar Allen Poe once said, “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”... (Chris Orwig)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

B'day Day :)

Location: Bali
Menu: Pork Ribs at Bebek Bengil, Dinner & Chocolate Cake at Double-Six :)
Activities: Strolling at Ubud, night beach swimming at Seminyak, and chilling out at Kudeta. Thanks to a company of great ladies!
Best Moment: Floating on my back in the waters, looking up at the starry sky & counting my blessings... :)
Most Precious Advise Received: It's a matter of choice: You can stay as you are & do no change, OR make a conscious change (for a better of me)

Welcome to another year :)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lightroom Rave

This holiday, I've been playing with raw shoots & lightroom!
It's FUNtastic :)
Since I bought my SLR, I've actually been so far very satisfied playing shoots & direct publishing, no editing in photoshop whatsoever (except for cropping) - 'cause shooting it right at the first time has already been a challenge in itself .... That is until I discovered Lightroom & Raw files processing. It's fun & simple, so much easier than using photoshop!
Here is a very good tutorial website, where I've been downloading & reading its videos & tips:

Friday, January 02, 2009

Technology bites

Just discovered picasaweb's face detection technology. This s/b the coolest tech-gig this year or something! Just tag a name to a photo's face, & it will suggest other faces belonging to the same name! And it's scaringly accurate...
Wow... u can't really hide from anywhere nowadays... it's amazing, yet pretty creepy too!