Sunday, March 04, 2012

7 Months

Seperti yang dirasakan setiap ibu, gak kerasa waktu berlalu! Baby A sudah 7 bulan 2 hari sekarang! We like to call him Big Baby now... 'cause so different from his helpless small state of being few months ago, when he's still tiny and so dependent on us. He is still such a joy to us of course. Throws the warmest smile, gets excited when we carry him around, dancing to the music or just going out of the house. Still loves to chirp around in the pool (unfortunately we the parents have not been so diligent in bringing him swimming). Still puts everything into his mouth (tissue paper and newspaper have been victimized). Does not like to eat roughly cut stuff, still likes it smooth. Moves around fast, starts to climb (over our body, pillows etc). Gains better control of his hands and fingers. Good job my boy! You are growing well & heathily & happily, we cannot ask for more!

Another thing that happened this month, is we shifted to another unit in our condo block. So fortunate to have found this unit in such a short time. It's a tad bigger, got 1 more room (for our helper), kitchen & living room & balcony bigger, and most importantly this place is somehow more homey. Love the new place. Here is Big Baby new crib corner.
Fly high to the sky!

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Nova Sylvana said...

nanti udah lewat 7 bulan makin ngga berasa lagi ter, dalam 2 bulan aja bisa2 si adam udah jalan lho. :)

seneng liat adam sehat gitu.