Thursday, August 15, 2013


 I ran #smr sat-morning-run in bali, during holiday trip with my family. The vacation trip itself is quite tiring for me, especially if i keep comparing with my previous holiday trips when i had no kid yet. Gone are the days when i can choose n plan exactly what i want to do. My most fruitful own-moments are in the mornings, when i can get out of the house on my own n have some me time. One for this run, where i met the lovely bali runners bunch. And another morning for a serene sunrise at Sanur. I love it when i can have my mind wander around at peace
We wanted to run at the unopened nusa2 toll road above the sea. How cool is that. Unfortunately, the area is already sterilized from people n there are patrols going around to check. So we went to a nearby area across the benoa port and there was a trail encircling a small island/islet giving us 9km worth of run.
I love running in different places, its like a mini discovery trip. As always, i love us, the indonesians bunch of people, super friendly n excellent jokers, just like the runners i met.

Below are pics of my next morning hiatus. Actually i wanted to run again but #taudiri my legs are not that strong n havent properly recovered from the sat run. So i just went there for a walk, sanur beach. I wanted to go to Segara beach since one of the indorunners recommended this place to run. But due to limited online map, i went to the next beach, sindhu. Its still a lovely place. Swamped by people though. I couldnt find a proper parking spot at 5.45am in the morning. I rough-counted at least  a 1000 motorbikes parked. Many were swimming at this early hour. But still, i felt a sense of calmness, as the sun slowly rise, breaking the pink dusk. I continued my journey to the south and i met a group of folks doing yoga. Followed them for a while n then decided to just lie down marvelling at the sky and surrounding. Lovely mornings!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Separating with the kid

Until now, leaving the kid is always tough. On him, on me. I've been taking shortcut lately by sneaking out of home when he's not aware. It spares me from witnessing his loud cries, n even i hope that he doesnt really notice i left. 
But in reality, he is still aware. And because of this, i think he becomes even more sticky to me cause afraid i will disappear any time. 
I have to change my bad habit n start saying good bye properly and giving him lots of explanation first before i go. I think he will understand and take it like a big kid. He is becoming one.