Monday, June 09, 2014

Last Preparations - 3 weeks to delivery

I felt quite accomplished since 2 weeks ago when i was able to tick all my pending items from my maternity checklist.

True, since this is the second one, i don't have to start from 0, as we can re-use a lot of things we have bought from Adam :). What? All those past puchases was a long-term investment to begin with ;p.

So my checklist was not too long:
- go to a baby fair to get some (girly) additional baby clothes. Yes, pink is now a welcome addition now.
- buy replacement harness belt for the stroller whose plastic clip is broken.
- review all existing baby clothes/stuff, wash, bleach if necessary. 
- buy extra breastfeeding clothes/bra/maternity pad for mummy.
- buy a comfy chair to put next to crib, for my breastfeeding days. (Last time such chair was available in our previous rented unit, but now no more).
- stockup newborn size diapers and cottonballs at least for a week.
- renew my visa poperly before baby is born. Better to settle this now.

The hardest was to get the harness replacement. As though the brand i'm using is one that Matt Damon is also using, the store which i bought it from in KL is no longer the distributor. They referred me to another local store chain, but the later couldnt help either. I browsed to see if i could get this mailed from overseas but to no avail. At the end my last resort was to check what ither brand has most similar harness form to mine, and just buy that brand. I will need to go to a taylor to somehow stitch / make it stick to my stroller. At the end, i bought a maclaren harness to fit into my cybex stroller. It's a pity i couldnt find a rep for the cybex stroller anymore here. I guess it's not popular enough, but i really like its frame and wheel sturdiness, not too heavy (abt 7kg only) and also that it came with an option to buy it as a travel system with its cybex onix babycarseat, at an attractive price (though in US the price is even cheaper by 50%! But that goes to all stroller brands). The plastic clip of the harness broke after we returned from our NZ trip btw, not sure it was because of the changing temperature during the trip? Lesson learnt? Its not a bad thing to buy a common brand instead, at least u're sure u will get easy post-buy customer support, esp for expensive things like stroller!

So ya basics are covered. Along the way, of course a woman is not a woman if her shopping list does not expand. I found a bumboo style-chair with tray in the baby fair at very good discount, deal! Then mothercare had a sale and i realized baby G(irl) didnt have skirt or dress yet. So i bought more clothes, n also discounted milk bottles. I bought some other stuffs which i wished i had for baby A: large muslin squares (can cover as stroller cover too when she sleeps), pillow to help put baby's head straight in stroller/carseat, and not to forget extra toys for my boy as gifts from his baby sister :).

And as a fair thing to do, we also just took a maternity photo-shoot session package. This time we did in indoor studio, as i dont think i can cope with being outdoor too long anymore, n a 2.5 years old toddler to entertain to. I'm so glad we were able to do this. Though have yet to see the photos result.

So now my homework is:
- prepare a maternity bag - to go when d-day arrives
- prepare crib (need to raise back the bed to upper height)
- arrange bedroom furniture so my new chair can fit in ( bought the L cahir from Ikea)
- drill holes and install pegs for one more layer of woodboard in the wardrobe to store baby G's clothes.
I cant do the last 2 on my own as i'm afraid something may happen to the life inside my tummy :)

Oh n need to go for a haircut and stitch the harness-stroller thing! But otherwise shoppingwise looks quite done.

Longer term need is also to figure out which daycare Adam willl move to, as current one is to far for me to fetch n the 'bibik' definitely cant pick him up anymore once i returned to work.

On the other hand, hubby has bought a second car which i get to use :) esp during my maternity leave n also later last few weeks b4 due date if i have no more energy to take the lrt to go to work. Will also be useful once we move out of this condo which will likely to happen when the contract expires, esp if we move to a place not so accesible by lrt station (taking a bus is a pain). N i have just bought a toddler car seat for this car (discount!), so that hubby doesnt have to keep switching the carseat from 1 car to another. Anyway we will later on need 2 car seats once baby G overgrows her baby car seat at about 1 year old.

Ok so thats all the prep! Done and dusted (minor a few things). Bring on the d-day! Meanwhile pls babyG, stay put in my tummy while u grow a little bit more! I know, with the way you poke your limbs out of the sac, u cant wait to see the world either! Hope we can be the best family that u deserve to have.

Ow i may want to start freezing some home cooked meals too, at least for my first week meal. As my mum likely won't be here. And she's the only one i can depend on cooking food to my taste (surprise surprise). Bibik doesnt have talent to cook and my MiL as nice as she is, we just have difft styles of cooking n taste. But i'm not sure i have energy doing this kind of prep. Cooking tires me!

Photo caption (from top left to right): 1. my beloved cybex travel system, 2. The best harness replacement i can get (maclaren, 90rm). 3. nursin wear, a favourite local brand of mine, their materials are so comfy! 4. Malmo mothercare high back car seat (<400rm on disc fr nrm price rm 539). 5. Anbebe baby seat for later when she starts munching. 6. Ikea Poang Chair, with high back support, to accompany my breastfeeding sessions. Not too ex, just arnd rm 300. 7. 120x120cm aden nais muslin squares, apparently baby George of Kate n William use this brand too. 8. Samples of baby girl clothes bought - love! 8. One of the toys for the big brother - playdough set