Sunday, April 26, 2009

25 Things About Me

It's been sometimes I've blogged... Things have kept me occupied... more of this later... but for now I'll just post something I've meant to put since some times ago....:

25 things about me
I've been tagged by quite a few people on this in FB, but i will just write it here.. Maybe I'll take a look at myself in 10years time & rewrite this again & see how will i respond again :). Note: I must say these are pretty random things about me, but I did try to think of them in chronoligical manner.

1. I spend time on my blog mostly when my husband is not around. Yes, it's sort of an activity to pass time for me, but I do enjoy it & it's just sort of a mental note for myself primarily.

2. I am addicted to the Internet. I've been surfing the net heavily since 1996. I was studying in Singapore. To be able to surf at that time, I had to go to govt internet booth at city's center, a bit far from my hostel. I also worked as a part time internet booth clerk in Uni, so I had ample internet time as well.

3. Before the internet came, I already fell in love with computers since 3rd grade... my dad had the Apple II, the first consumer PC & it was so cool. I learnt fast typing from an apple game, destroying enemies by shooting fires from a spaceship by typing the right letters.

4. My hobby during primary school was reading. I learnt reading even before I went to kindergarden. When both my parents returned to Balikpapan from a Jakarta trip, I could already read & they were really surprised. That was because my Mum often read me books with simple words aloud & my Daddy wore a lot of Tshirts with simple big letters on it that I kept asking how to read them.

5. One of my favourite childhood books was the Trio Detektif Series. My fave character of the 3 kid-detectives was the one who loved reading & analyzing clues, and was part time librarian. I even dreamed of being a part-time librarian in my hometown library where i borrowed these books, but I moved out of the town too soon later.

6. I learnt roller-skating in Balikpapan thru a week-end club. I already learnt ice skating before that, so it was not tough, but I had another friend in the same complex who was really good at it, especially at her natural body balance. She is now a known girl surfer in the country. I guess some skills, you are born with it.

7. Talking about natural skills, I know I will nost stand a job which involves a lot of talking and meeting different people thruout >80% of my work time. It just tires me physically somehow...

8. I am very good at blind memorizing. I could memorize 40 essays, each had at least 3 folio pages of words, to prepare for my high school history exam in SG. And this really word by word. But I am very bad at remembering song lyrics or play music tools. I dont think i can even recite ONE full song with correct lyrics right now & I am blind with music notes. No feeling whatsoever when it comes to musical talent.

9. I chose civil engineering for my undergrad degree because when small i really liked playing LEGO, and that was about building houses & complex & I didnt want to do architecture cause it didnt involve as much maths/science as i wanted.

10. Towards graduation, i realized i preferred working in a desk-bound environment, and not so much going out of the office or even going out of the island where i was in (Java), so that led me after one step to another to Citi.
ps: i didnt think of moving out of the country as an option at that time..

11. I met my husband in college, but was just good friend with him at the time. It started with strings of eMails... after abt 2 years i havent heard of him.

12. We had this stupid joke during college that we should marry one another if after xx years (forgot the xx, maybe it was 5 or 10) if both of us have not gotten married yet. Turned up we didnt have to wait for that xx years to get married with one another.

13. I am not good at cooking, but i still try to cook. sometimes it works, at least just for my taste.

14. I had received 2 barbie-alike dolls as xmas present, & I found them in my bathtub at xmas eve. I really believed it was from Santa, as I was in Paris at that time and thought that Santa was really alive & went flying around in the Western part of the world. It was quite funny for my parents because thruout my xmases in Indonesia prior to that, I never had been fooled by Santa, as I didnt believe Santa could fly all the way from Europe/America to Asia!

15. I always loved water sports. I loved swimming when i was kid, then tasted canoeing, then i just discovered snorkeling last year & it was FUNtastic.

16. I was a silver medallist canoeist with my double partner in an open national championship in.. singapore (yes, i know so small population), but we were very happy and proud about it.

17. I just got promoted & I am quitting my current position this mid-year. I am very happy that I will quit with my level. My mentor told me once that I should not quit Citi before I reach this level and I didnt think I would reach it this soon.

18. I hope I get a job when I join my hubby in KL ** amin... **, but if not I have taken the risk anyway.

19. "You can't turn back time". That's what i believe & this is my motto in joining my hubby in KL. What I am doing it right now, I believe will lay a good strong foundation to a lasting relationship & our 'family'. ** amin... **

20. I just discovered a new hobby, and that is SLR photography. It's amazing how pictures can be delivered & there is a big unknown world in this territory. My dad & my brother already fell in love with it. It's probably in the gene.

21. I had lasik surgery for my 2 eyes 2 years ago. Now I dont wear glasses anymore, but in fact when I see, I feel like there are like slim halos around my eyerim, especially on the left. I think the sharpness is only in the center of the eyes. It's good enough for me to see, but that is why I dont encourage other people to take the surgery now. Wait for maybe 5 more years, the technology is developing very fast & will be much more accurate.

22. My parents call me plastic girl, because I fold my legs really close to my stomach when I'm on the dinner table chair & it's become a habit until now. I think it's my natural position when i was a foetus/in the womb, so I can't be blamed :)

23. I silently cried when i sold off my first car (alone offcourse). It kind of caught me off-guard that I had such a sentimental feeling for my Daihatsu Xenia. I guess it brought back all the memories when I travelled alone in the car from/to the office, accompanying me thruout my early career-life, preparing for my wedding (a lifetime commitment), and preparing for my new apt (my first investment). It really was a faithful car who never complained & was by my side all the time, in good or bad time.

24. I've put Sagrada Familia Barcelona as my personal number one place to visit before I die, but I've visited it in 2006. I was really pleased and a little bit shocked I already accomplished it so early in my life. Maybe I should have aimed higher? :)

25. I still have many dream places to go, but my top favourites ones would be:
- Karimun Jawa Island, Raja Ampat Papua, Belitung/Bangka Island. Yes they are all in Indonesia & i'm a white-sand turquoise-blue-sea beach lover.
- A second-round trip to Europe, including Berlin, Spain, Paris, with my husband and my SLR cam.

Note: This was written sometime in Feb 2009 I think... but I just saved it on my laptop.
Update #25: Have just crossed Belitung off my list, just visited it this month! Great Place & most awesome natural gigantic pool (aka, sea) to swim in to date...!