Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coming soon to the K family

Am on my 7 months of pregnancy now, and by now it really shows thru my tummy :). How the 7 months have passed quickly. Here are some pregnancy memory snapshots off my head:

  • * Nov 2010 end, discovered pregnancy few days after we came back from our Seoul trip. I was bleeding only a bit on what was supposed to be the start of my M-cycle but it just didnt flow like a natural one so I bought a testpack one afternoon in a pharmacy across my office. Oh joy, it's positive & let hubby know immediately:)
  • I called my gyne to set up an appointment & they gave me a fast slot due to the light bleeding (He usually has a full schedule for hist next 2 weeks already). I was supported by progesterone hormone pills (and weekly shots for the first 8 weeks) to make sure the womb n placenta attachment was stronger.
  • My first trimester was bumpy with notable morning sickness, so much so I was admitted to hospital for dehydration & anti emetic shots to help eliminate the vomitting, the medical term for this sickness is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Miraculously and thank God the morning sickness disappeared by week 18, which was early February.
  • The doctor could tell the baby sex as early as week 14, it was later confirmed by some test as well, and it's a boy! :)
  • Week 17, the doctor took blood test to check on down syndrome probability. Further test was needed & we took the amniocentesis test, where the doctor drew amniotic fluid thru the tummy wall with a syringe, thank goodness the result was OK.
  • I started feeling the baby movt (more like gas) on week 18 but my husband could feel the initial movt on week 22.
  • The tummy grew rapidly on month 5. Suddenly I looked pregnant :)
  • Along with the tummy growth, I was attacked by itchiness & rashes on my body trunk, that then spread to my limbs, then knuckles and fingers. So itchy, I couldnt have a good sleep at nights. Went to a skin doctor too, who said it looked like some form of eczema. but thank goodness after 6 weeks (end of Month 6) this died down & I sleep better. After some online reading, this could be it: Oh the secrets of pregnancy that noone told me before :)
  • And another surprise was the colostrum that started coming out as early as week 16 I think, (at first I thought it was just water trapped after i took shower), then it starts oozing & dripping & still happening until now. Wow, how the body changes & prepares its own, it's amazing!
  • The first baby stuff I bought was a diaper bag (that could be used for a laptop bag) messenger-bag style from an Indonesian online store.
  • The first maternity stuff I bought was a belly belt extension, so I could keep wearing my normal pants but just with an elastic extension to button my pants. 
  • Major baby stuff buying was as early as Month 7 starts, thanks to a local baby fair in a mall. I took a day off from office so I could visit it on the first opening day, good move! Had to fight my way against strollers & mummies carrying babies :) . Felt quite overwhelmed with the so many baby products available. Settled on babies clothes (in addition to my mum's major buys in Indo), wooden baby cot set, moses basket (a bargain at rm 100 ;) ), maternity pillow, toys, some baby bottles & warmer, cloth diapers.... but could not decide yet on stroller & breast pump. So many varieties & it was becoming overwhelming. Still have time to buy these later :)
  • Started talking to Baby as he apparently has developed enough hearing ability since week 24, to make sure he will recognize his mummy's voice easily when he comes out later :). Had to peek into the internet to remember children lullaby lyrics, read story books, otherwise i just talk about anything.
  • Hubby and me have not agreed on a name yet, though we have a few choices already :)
Now, 2.5 more months to go to welcome our son. Hoping for a normal delivery, able to go thru the labour pain and be able to breastfeed my newborn. Mummy & Daddy can't wait to see you!