Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adam 2.5 mth

Yay, he has reached 2.5 months now!
I am so happy i can be with him every day and night, nurturing him and see his smile, grin, and even cries. He is my daily dose of happiness.

He gained another kg in 1 mth, now weighing at 5.5 kg n measuring 57cm (i thought i measured him bynmyseld n got 59cm). Anyway, as long as he is growing in normal range n healthy, it is all good!

- he's still light enough for me to 'pangku' him upright with bare 2 arms for short time swaying in the house. But for outbound trips, i carry him in a ringsling ( i also have a wrap but bit cumbersome to wrap it arnd my body, though very comfortable. Ring sling easier to wear)
- have sort of trained him for push up exercise, ha, well more like a neck push up exx so he has a stronger muscle there n hopefully can hold his head upright soon (will help a lot when i carry him, dont have to worry abt his head tilting weirdly downwards). Showing some gd progress! Saw him hold up his neck for 'bout 4 secs 2consec times today. But ya, dont worry Adam, take your time, dont want to push too hard either!
- sleeping longer stretches at night. Record so far is 7 hrs straight. Usually in deep sleep 7pm-7am range, with 3-3 wakeup times just for 'refreshment'. In the day,feeds at 2-3 hrs interval, with crankiness up in late afternoon,b4 he finally enters his deep sleep
Zone. Dont want to talk too much on this at the risk of jinx-ing it!
- so with the above, i am able to have more rest, more chance to pump too. Am storing abt 2-4 btls daily now @100ml aprox. N using 1 btl daily for btl practise by our helper for Adam to get used to it. He's getting there i think.. N i hope.. I dont dare to give halfday or full
Day practise yet as i want to stock
up the milk too, cause i think he might
be a heavy drinker! Wonder if the freezer has got enough space for frozen breastmilk till 1 more mth.
- he used to wake up always crying, but now he can wake up throwing me smiles when i open my eyes. What wonderful morning greeting!
- during the day, he is often alert n happy for 1hr after @feed. I usually play with him, sing (naik delman is a favourite, repeat 15 times in a row!), sing while massaging his leg n stomach, tell stories, try to have conversation back n forth w him (more like him cooing n
Me re-echoing his word n combine it with other words) n play music to his ears. he can pay attention when i tell him stories based on a brightly coloured softbook. So cute to
see him scrutinizing the pic on each page of the book as i go thru with him page by page :)
- he is more aware of using his arm
N hand. I can feel him cling to me
more using his arm when i carry him. Also he has started to put his fist into his mouth. I first thought this was a hunger signal like he used to do, but now he's doing it like 15mins after a satisfactory feeding. Paedi also said this is not hunger n he will soon enter both fists there.
- some rashes on his cheeks. People say its because of breastmilk but not according to paedi, it's a form of eczema but will disappear n no need to worry.
- he got his 5-in-1 mandatory vaccine ( let me try to remember this correctly): dpt, polio, n 1 more ?. Plus rotavirus n pneumococcal.
- he will fly first time next wednesday to our Tanah Air n he will see papa again after 1mth. Yippee!

His latest napping position: warm
on mummy's tummy.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Who is more content?

It's amazing how breastfeeding builds bonding btw mum n kiddo. Now that i've experienced it, i totally vouch for it.
Just yesterday, we tried giving expressed breastmilk via bottle by our helper. For a moment, i felt i missed the direct b'feed moment. So when 1 hour later, kiddo woke up n cried, i gladly b/f him. **gimana sih, mau latihan botol,tp 'maknya ga rela, msh pengen nyusuin juga :p**

But then again who doesn't?
See this cheeky face after he got one feeding session.