Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ready Anytime

Yeay, we have finally reached full-term, 38 weeks and 1/2 now. So exciting. A's head is now engaged about 25%, my hips & bones are loosening, and I walk even so slowly, or shall I say waddle.

Have given the birth-plan, short, simple n essential I would say to my gynae, who said it goes along with his basic procedure. Here is the excerpt:

Birth Preferences Plan of  
Estimated Due Date : 6 August 2011
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Doctor : Dr Ravi Chandran              Paeditrician: Dr Adrian Goh

#1 Labour
Birth Companion:
  • From non-hospital side: My husband only (or 1 alt. person if my husband not able to make it)
  • From hospital side: no medical student pls. Nurses: not too many.
  • Freedom to move/walk around during labour – no continuous IV fluid etc strap to arm unless medically necessary.
Discomfort Management/Relief:
  • ·         Would like to rely on breathing/relaxing techniques & walking/changing body position as much as possible.
  • ·         Medical options such as gas, pethidine, epidural* (walking preferred) to be given when requested.

*please inform us when is the final moment of being allowed to receive the epidural

·         Drinking fluids (water, juice, tea etc) rather than having IV – unless medically necessary.
·         Light snacks allowed

#2 – Delivery
  • Episiotomy: To be performed only if necessary.
  • Cutting the Umbilical Cord: cord to be clamped until pulsation has been ceased.
  • Immediate skin to contact btw mum & baby right after delivery.
  • Begin breastfeeding immediately if possible, if not within the hour.

#3 –After delivery
  • Breastfeeding only – no bottles or pacifiers
  • If formula milk is needed (due to lack of breastmilk etc), mum’s consent is needed.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

AA & CK – 13 July 2011

:) Wish us luck, Hope everything goes well!