Tuesday, July 28, 2009

getting updated

Kompas ePaper.com http://epaper.kompas.com/ had just a facelift! Actually, more of a skeleton lift. It's faster & easier to browse and read.
I still do browse this beloved indonesian paper once in a while, though I wish I had more regular time to do it. I love the various news coming from hometown, critics, economy, social life... It's more spicy & variant, compared to the news put up in the local newspaper here... sigh...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Little Happy Perks Lately

* Just came back from a SG Weekend Trip. It caused quite a major shopping spree & overhaul to my working clothes closet :)
* Meeting my brother in Bangkok 2 weekends ago & tasting the delicious fragrant pad thai and tom yum soup :)
* Sleeping over in an almost closing down hostel, old but clean and cosy :) I loved the backpacker's atmosphere esp during breakfast. It's just so laid back & really felt like a holiday.
* Went to Penang 3 weekends ago, and had asam laksa :) very nice! and walked around the old town & had a nice long swim in Batu Feringgi Beach (in a pool!) with a dear friend.
* Switching my foundation to MAC. It is Quality!
* Finally bought my Narcisso Rodriguez (for her), I think I also like his latest fragrance which came in a cold metal bottle, just like a whisky bottle.
* Having a nice meal in BlueJazz Cafe in Bali Lane SG, with Margarita to close the night :)
* My husband who is forever patient with me & does not sweat over little things.

Moving On

On my last few days before I moved from Jkt to KL in May... I've thought hard on what things I would miss out of this city. On top of my list was:
- the easiness of getting pampered in comfortable & clean salons or massage parlours... I've had a couple of favourite places already, and not to mention the affordability.
- modern batik shirts and dresses. I loved window-shopping for this, esp in the last 1-2 years, the creativity has evolved so much & I love the rich motive & print put onto a youthful cut.
- all the various delicious food spots I've discovered in Jkt.
Only after a few weeks in KL, I discovered a weird feeling that caught me off-guard. I was missing Jkt in an unexpected way. At first, I didnt really know what, & in my mind I was browsing for all the possible things, but still... this feeling is not somehow related to a particular activity or matter... Only then, it dawned on me.. that I've actually missed the 'sense of belongining', the feeling of actually belonging to a City.
Yes, the fact that I've stayed in dear Jakarta for over 7 years & having the city as the witness of all the things I have gone thru in that timeframe, has probably made me somehow 'rooted' to this city. A feeling which I've never felt before in the various cities I've lived in prior to this.

Oh well, now that I know exactly what I missed, it's time for me to put the 'dot' and move on to another chapter. Life goes on.