Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7.5 Months

The tooth eruption happened! Teeth actually. The boy was so fussy for one night, woke up 3 or 4 times in the night. I even had to move to another bedroom to steal some sleep time for myself, otherwise there will be one more cranky person in the house ;p. And now we can see a little bit of his 2 lower front teeth now. No wonder for a few days beforehand he was also quite choosy with his solids, he only wanted to eat really soft food (ie. i had to sieve the food thru a mesh) , when usually he could settle for mashed fruit.
Now he's back to his normal wake-up-once-a-night cycle (cross finger) & he can eat back the rougher solid. I even tried to 'upgrade' the texture of his food. Made him some rice porridge with chicken broth. I thought if he didnt like it it would just mean he's not ready & I will defer it for next time, but hey... what do i know... the boy is gulping it happily just like any other food. Today i added grated chicken meat into the porridge, he really enjoyed it :) I add 'serai' & 'daun salam' into it, cooked it for 5 hours in the slow-cooker, and voila.. it smells so good! Serve it for my boy with a cube of pumpkin puree + home-made chicken stock, yummy!

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