Wednesday, May 15, 2013

growing A

A is growing rapidly. Ada aja momen2 yg bikin gemes liat dia tiba2 bertingkah kaya anak besar. contohnya nih..:
- tiba2 ngomong teriak dgn nada agak panik 'ati-ati' ke bapaknya yg lagi naik tangga buat gantiin lampu di plafon. memang kita sering banget ngomong ati-ati ke A, tp blm pernah dia sebut kata itu sendiri smp bener2 momen-nya pas :)
- klo lagi di jalan, sibuk ngabsen 'bas', 'dap' (truck), 'tsi' (taksi). excited banget ngeliatnya
- udah tau trik manipulatif ngambek caper. kadang nih dia pengen ama gw, tp gak mau dia ngelangkah yg fully approach ke gw. jadi tinggal 5-6 step lagi udah nyampe ke gw, dia sengaja berenti, balikin badan smbl nunduk2 pura2 gak mau diliat, padahal maunya didatengin n digendong ama gw ke tempat gw berada. yak, dan trik dia emang sukses2 ajah. gak tega gw ngeliatnya campur gemes hihhi. kadang2 mau  sesuatu, pura2 nangis (kedengeran banget nadanya dibuat) biar dpt apa yg diinginin. klo yg msh wajar2 aja gw msh turutin sih, abis lucu gitu ngeliatnya. abis itu klo kesampean langsung ketawa2 bahagia gitu dianya.
- udah fasih milih2 video di utube n buka2 aplikasi ipad, teken2 tombol 'back', 'home', sama unlock screen saver. emang yah produk apple inih so intuitive to use even 1 year old can use it. *malah muji produknya hahahaha*
- klo liat hp BB bapaknya selalu dikembaliin ke bapaknya (tp klo iphone gw suka diembat ama dia). tau dia mana hp yg bagus buat maen mana yg gak bisa dipake main haha.
- rajin naroh barang ke tempatnya (tp rajin jg sih mberantakin barang). jadi klo masuk rumah, lepas sepatu, pasti sepatu ditaroh di raknya. klo liat dompet apa kunci terserak dimana, pasti dia lempar ke meja tinggi lobby kita, tempat nyimpannya emang disitu. klo nyusun mobil2an di rak mobil nya pasti dia tarohnya mobilnya harus menghadap ke bawah dgn bener, klo kebalik dia benerin lagi..
- suka ama kucing (dari dulu sih). kadang2 tiba2 posisi all-4 di tanah nunduk2in kepala cium lantai kaya kucing (*dan gw langsung buru2 angkat dia, maluk gilak diliatin org anaknya tiba2 gitu ;p *)
- suka kumpul2 ama bocah rame2. walo belom terlalu bisa interaksi yah, tp keliatan banget dia enjoy ada sekelilingnya yg rame gitu, terutama sesama anak2,khususnya yg lbh gede dikit (soalnya klo sama2 seumur masih sama2 blm bisa komunikasi). kemaren ke tempat temen, muka dia happy banget sama anak2 laen ngejar2 kucing angora di rumah.
- udah mulai ngasi tanda2 bisa lepas dari mamanya. biasanya nempel banget. ampe gw ke wc pun harus ngintil *sigh*. tp sekarang ada 2 hal yg bisa buat dia rela ninggalin gw: 1. pergi sekolah; 2. kumpul2 ama sesama bocah. hoho, this comes sooner than i thought.
- klo lagu dia paling suka 'the wheel on the bus'. udah apal dia ama goyang2 tangannnya. entah udah berapa versi videoklip di utube lagu ini kita puter2. so far emang blm kita introduce dia ke tv, tp ipad rada kecolongan sih. gak nyangka dia suka banget sama video2 di utube. kadang2 gw sengaja sembunyiin ipadnya pas kami kerja. soalnya mbaknya jg jadinya bergantung sama si ipad ini biar A gampang makan. biar gak makin keterusan, lagian klo liat ipad lama2 gitu tiap hari matanya ntar bisa cepet minus ya? paling gw puterin klip lagu anak2 (dia cuma suka yg temponya cepet); video binatang2 dari national geographic or video kucing. ama kmrn yg dia lagi suka banget videoklip boneka2 tangan tokoh2 harry potter. padahal nurut gw biasa aja, tp dia suka banget ama hentakan iramanya yg berulang2, dia ikut2 smbl geleng2 kepala gitu.

- klo ada barang ngumpet di bawah meja n tangan dia gak nyampe, otomatis ambil tongkat panjang buat bantuin dia ambil barangnya.
- klo dibawa keluar rumah seneng banget, terutama ke taman bawah or taman atas kondo. klo dibawa pulang pasti marah2. susah banget bawa dia pulang dr taman. bahagia banget dia disana. bosen ya nak di rumah :) ?

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

2013 first posting

o mine, i'm such a slacker, suddenly we are in the middle of 2013 already!

many things happened this year.. where do i begin?

* Jan-Feb 2013: We sorted buying a property in suburb Jakarta, aka Jakarta Coret, aka Serpong. which means I had to go back and forth KL-Jak to search, do and finalize the deal. Property price has soared much in the past 2-3 years, we should have bought earlier, but then again always easier to say things in retrospect, than in prospect. Plus anyway, it is still the right thing to do. Luckily, i was able to sort things out in just 2 trips. Very efficient! ** I clap for myself  :D **

* I actually tested positive.. sometime in Jan.. but 2.5 weeks later.. things didnt turn out well and we've lost the sac thru natural bleeding. Since this is the 2nd time already it happened, I cant help to be very conservative the next positive time (and I hope I'm still given the chance to) happens, I will stop all physical activies, including long distance travelling.

* I've completely weaned Adam by Jan 13. I first started reducing the frequency of breastfeeding when he was 13 months (Sep last year) down to just 1 or twice a day (before sleeping or in the morning). I did it because I havent gotten my period back yet, and both of me n hubby thought we shouldnt wait too long before trying for a 2nd baby. So at least, i needed to get my monthly cycle back. Sure enough after 1 month, the cycle started back again. And in Jan, when diagnosed pregnant, I could also feel my supply was getting much lesser, my obgyn also advised me to stop breastfeeding since i was pregnant, though i read in many online articles that it can be ok to still continue b/f (noted that it is mostly not advisable esp for peeps who have had miscarriage history before, such as me). And anyway due to my supply was very low, Adam even refused to drink from me sometimes. So just like that, he stopped on breastfeeding, with not much drama. My 1 week trip to Jakarta in Jan, away from him, also helped to make him not look for me in the middle of night for breastmilk. Just stuck with his dad and grandma, he learnt to sleep thru the night without waking up. Though for the first few nights, grandma just automatically shoved him with milk at 11pm so to make sure he has a sound sleep for the rest of the night. Anyway, i'm so glad i dont have to go thru the weaning process with putting something bitter/spicy so he refused to b/f. Actually, i think i miss the b/f process more than him.

* In March, i was bombed with work. *ha, that's how i remembered it* By the 3rd week, time came too fast, it's time for my 8 days trip to Japan with some girlfriends. As usual, the last week before any long holiday is swamped with work, had no time to do my own reseach for the trip. But I know I can depend on C, one of the gals, to come up with a detailed personalized itinerary. We did Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo. Lovely! I thought I loved Tokyo the most, what can I say I'm a city girl. Grandma from Batam took care of my kid once again, while I'm out of town..

* Back from my Jpn trip, i paid a visit to a near-by daycare (not so nearby, it's a 10mins drive if road is empty) which after researching in Nov, i have decided is the best place for Adam to start spending more structured time in a daycare. just halfday every day. So registered him and he will officially start in April 2013. My main reason to put him in the daycare, is so that he can have more structured activities during the day, learning words, having people talk to him, play n doing arts, rather than just spending time at home alone with our maid while me n hubby are at work. While hubby thinks it's a good time for Adam to start socializing...
Though I had my doubts. I was kind of worried whether we were doing the right thing. I was worried about the language, since we've only purposely stuck with Indonesian at home, and i was hoping that by the time he started daycare he would have spoken much indonesian already, but in reality he hasnt yet. so I was worried whether putting him in an english daycare this early would have a negative effect to both language. But now after 1 month, he is definitely getting bublier and his vocab growing at exponential rate, so i hope i was wrong. Then, my heart breaks every morning when i drop him in the daycare as he would cry very loudly when i left him with the teachers. The worst was the first full day, i was with him in the class the whole time, and when the director tried to call me out of the room, he cried so violently that i couldnt help to cry as well. O gosh, it was nightmare for both Adam n me :( It just caught me off guard that i would be the sad one too. I should have mentally prepared myself better. So next few days i just changed cold cut style and still left the place eventhough i can still hear him cry. After 2 weeks, hubby is back in town and he is the one dropping A to school... It is now 1 month that Adam has started the daycare, and since last week he has stopped crying when being dropped there, that's my good boy :D He also didnt cry when leaving me at home since 2-3 days ago, he clearly understands when his dad says 'Ayo Adam sekolah' and the fact that he's not crying i guess means he's enjoying it :D i'm so happy that he's happy :). Also, my paeditrician didnt really recommend putting Adam to a daycare before 2 years old, he did say his opinion is only from a medical perspective and i respect him for saying that. I guess I had to weight in all the pros and cons, and at the end of the day i thought the pros still outweighted the cons. And Adam had his longest cough n flu for 3 weeks in his first weeks of daycare (he was already sick before that). But after that he's ok. so i hope he is one of those kids who get stronger antibody once they are exposed to it.

*May 2013, 5th may was the 13th General Election in Malaysia. It was quite interesting to follow the election process. Noted that the opposition is gaining stronger foothold. What is interesting here is that it is very obvious that the country here is run /segregated by race. Even the PM can make such a ra*ist comment, I cannot comprehend how the no.1 person in the country can make such a quick statement which obviously will hurt a lot of people. And to start with his own alliance party also has its own 'party-by-race' structure. It is not a wonder that a lot are getting not satisfied with the govt. Although I must say, infrastructurally, this country is very well managed, with all the nice roads all across the country, and comfortable mrt in KL.

Ok, that's all from now. will post some pics once i have bits of more time :)