Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby at 33 Weeks 5 days

Thursday, I had my bi-weekly check up with my gyne, baby, you have gained a healthy 300g, & now at 2.3 kg. Your head is still down there and still actively moving (Good boy!). Saw your familiar face this time even more hidden by your hand,  I've gained 1 kg in 2 weeks! (wow that's fast). Some blood & cervical cell samples taken to be sent to Lab to make sure Mum is healthy (Result will come out next week). And pre-registered for delivery as well in the hospital, to make sure when the D-day happens, no more admin stuff to be done.
At home, mum experienced a bit of hand swelling/stiffness in the recent mornings but it goes away quickly once shaken (water retention is the cause), legs also feel heavier with the water retention, and feet expand more but I still use my usual shoes, just bring sandals to wear when sitting in the office :). Ow and when baby shakes his head or moves his hands down there, tickles me to pee right away :)
All in all, I have no serious pain, I still get enough sleep (but I've become so easily sleepy esp after lunch),  and when I think of my baby & my husband being on my sides, I just feel so blessed :)


Nova said...

hai ter, apa kabar? makin deket due date ya? semoga sehat2 ya ter :)


Retsa said...

Hi Nov.. baek! iyah makin deket nih.. blm ada tanda apa2... semoga lancar :)