Sunday, June 05, 2011

His first baby stuff

These 2 little story books are the first things I bought for the little B. I bought it when I was abt 3 months preggie. I've read here and there that it is good to get the baby familiarized with his mum's voice while still in the womb. My gyne said that he can hear pretty clearly starting 24 weeks,
So I've started to rattle stories to him. First ones was in english based on these 2 books. One was short stories on Winnie the Pooh & the other one was little rhyming poems abt Dr Seuss. Then I realized, I had different tones when reading english & indonesian stories. Since I want my baby to first understand his mother language, I began reading some indonesian 'dongeng'/tales found from the internet. Then since sometimes it takes more time to find reading materials, I changed to 3rd method, I just rattle about anything, what I had gone thru the days etc :) - though sometimes I get so tired after work :( .

I also sing 1-2 songs, hopefully he gets familiar with these 2 songs (I promise I will sing them more routinely as the delivery approaches) so that when he cries incosolably, I can sing these songs to calm him down as he will be used to it already :)

In the meantime, I'm now on 30 weeks & I can feel his kicks & turns more pronouncably on my stomach. Even when I run my tummy with my hands, I can sometimes feel some area more hardened, I guess that's either his knuckles or head :) Stay good inside Babe, we'll see you in about 2 months :)


Anonymous said...

surat dari Kakak dah dibacain belumm? :P


Retsa said...

kakak? kak, mari kak barangnya boleh dicoba... hehehe