Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breastfeeding Class

We went for a one-hour private breastfeeding class in our hospital. It is part of the Parentcraft (parenting) class programme that the hospital holds (RM 180 for 3 sessions covering diet, delivery process, medical choices, newborn healthness, and static exercises + labour breathing techniques (they teach Lamaze).
However the breastfeeding session is actually also free for any couple that go to Gleneagles for obygin checkup (as long as your doctor's clinic register you to them i think, even if u dont take the parentcraft class). The lactation specialist lady also said if later on we have any problem, we can come to her to discuss /consult with her & ha, it's free also :)
The hospital does not advertise much about being a breastfeeding-friendly hospital, but I find this is such an important move & good example to follow.

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