Sunday, February 17, 2008

Corners of my habitat

After years living in a rented place, It feels good to actually finish your day by knowing u will reach a place u can call home.Some corners of my sanctuary that i love:
- My salmon kitchen tiles matching with my pinkish light brown wooden laminate.
- My antique-look-alike shoe cabinet. Love the handles, they come from Jepara
- My japanese style wallpaper (luv it)
- My dried flowers, complimentary from Lia
- My horizontal mirror. Makes the room look wider
I am not exatcly in love with my TV cabinet. But since the big speakers are already available as my husband property, my judgement says that it is best to make use of them, rather than watching them sitting carelessly in the attic of a sibling's house. I feel this is the best adjustment, in terms of design, that can be made to accomodate these bulky speakers :). And now i can watch my fake dvds in 5 audio channels mode. Yipee!

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