Saturday, February 16, 2008

About Roads in Jakarta

About roads in jakarta that give me joy:
- Driving in Jl Rasuna Said at 80kmh, when the road is empty at 9pm, it gives me a high!
- Seeing the old tree in Jl Erlangga blossom behind the florist house, red flowers among the falling tree ligaments, makes me smile. It's like finding hope in an unexpected place.
- Finding myself driving in Tebet or Santa or Kemang Area. These places feel so homy, with shops stored in houses, rather than malls.

Road things in Jakarta that I wish didnt exist:
- Full car parking lots in Malls in the middle of the day, esp those malls with hyperstores in it. Just make my groceries shopping harder.
- Thoughtless drivers taking up my safety space between my car & the one in front of me :(
- Surprise holes on the asphalt roads. and boom! there goes your shock absorbers.

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