Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Wonder Spot - Melissa Bank

I've been looking this book since last year and I finally found it 3 months ago on a trip to KL. Alas, just these past weeks I can now see the same book finally sold in Kino Jakarta. Melissa's first book, "The Girl's Guide to Hunting & Fishing", was the reason I went hunting for this book. The review put on the cover book of Wonder Spot looked promising.

As I read it, I'm not sure whether it is just me or not, but I didnt find it as captivating as the first one. This one has less drama, less heartfelt touches. It's a stroll thru a woman's 20-30's, but it's a stroll on a flat walk. Wished there was more hills, mountains, up & downs. But maybe, such is Sophie Applebaum's life, an everyday woman that can well be me or you.

Another point of view of this book: reygreena

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