Saturday, September 02, 2006

salsa – tango – hiphop

I’m having lots of fun rite now doing bits of salsa, argentinian tango, & hiphop in my weekly night fitness classes.
I’m not a born dancer & I dont get notes or rhytm rite, but I’m having a ball with my fitness-dance classes. The level of difficulty is probably beginner level, so that’s probably why I’m not lost (yet) :)

I’ve always loved Spanish & latin language & music, there’s just a sexy feeling to it & it just vibrates your heart. Their expressiveness & passion of living are reflected in their music, dances, & way speaking. The argentinian tango music, which I recently found out, has got this romantic feeling & when you close your eyes you just cant help to imagine as if you are strolling in one of those Parisian romantic alleys (like you see in movies). Salsa is just like the salsa dip, tasty, spicy & delicious, makes you want more of it. I never knew I could move my hips like that. It’s teaching you to appreciate your body more.
While hip-hop just makes you feel like a born-again college kid.

Dancing uplifts my spirit. You should try it too.

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