Thursday, August 07, 2014

My one month little lady

She is such a calm baby, at least comparatively! 
I swear she starts to respond verbally to us already by oozing soft 'mmmhhh's when she can ( i wish i can just record her when she does it). She gets irritated when the diaper is soiled. She wakes up minutes before she poops. She does have some difficulty sleeping when she cant digest her milk well, but she can sleep back on her own once that clears, though most of the time i help her sleep back by feeding. She has started to sleep 2 consec 5-hours cycles, which is wonderful (for me at least)! And i've been able to pump on daily basis since her first week. Yet, she has gained a wealthy size, from 3.2 kg 49 cm to 4.6 kg and 55 cm.
She can sleep in a somewhat noizy enviro, ie. When her brother is around n making all possible noises. And she feeds fast! One side is enough for her till now, and sometimes in 10mins she's already full!

This is proving to be a different parenting experience already! Thank you Alea for introducing me to a new world! Lets walk this thru together 😘

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Arman said...

met ulbul yaaa...
so cute... :)