Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Genting shortcation

31 agustus ini hari national day nya Malaysia n krn hari minggu, so senin diliburin ama pemerintah (kapan ya indo jg kaya gini). Anyway, krn sabtu kita udah ada acara, hubby decided (only on friday) 
that we should go out on sunday for an overnight trip to Genting.
I think he just wanted a quick getaway, a break from his load of office work. The hotels on top of the Genting hills were already fully booked. But we managed to get a hotel room on the foot of it, which we have tried once and is not that bad.
(Quite old, but has been refurbished).

So we went for a short vacation - shortcation.

Both Adam n me were recovering from flu, in fact my sore throat just broke onto a flu 2 nights before. So i packed n prepared very slowly for the trip, which was like few hours before we went off.
And when i say i pack, i mean pack for the whole fam.
The day before we went for a bbq dinner gathering w some fellow indonesian families here (made new friends), and as much as Alea is such a calm baby, she couldnt really sleep during our tenure there. And even since our lunch time. So in the next 24-36 hrs she was sleeping for very very long time (8.5 hrs nonstop the moment she reached home). I was worried she was going to be sick in genting or will wake up often due to huger cause of her previous long sleep hours, but thank goodness i was wrong. In fact she just continues sleeping like a p*g :), even as i'm typing now, already back in KL.

Genting, just one hour plus away from KL, is a bit like 'puncak' for jakartans to KL-ers, but much more nature preserved. The trees and forests are still abundant hence providing a much- much cooler air. On top of it, they built casionos n hotels n theme park. As always in a public holiday, it is overcrowded (the place is too small to cater such big crowd), and the indoor mall looks quite rundown. Yet, heaps of peeps are always coming, including us.
What i feel now with a 3years toddler trolling around, is who cares about the rundown place anyway, as long as the kid is super happy, spending time with us, right?
I took him to a (lame) train ride, circling a simple oval track 3 times, yet he was so happy and beaming with joy. There was a free stage show with men wearing rio n ice age characters dancing and he was giggling all the way, till the show changed to some robots fighting performance, which prompted him to yell at me 'aku gak suka!' And off we went away, yet he still wanted to come back there afterwards.
I regretted not bringing him a swimsuit for him n daddy - forgot completely about the heated outdoor pool facility at the hotel, but he had superfun in the room's bathtub anyway (we only have showers in our house).
We missed waking up early in the morning to enjoy a walk in the misty golf park outside, but we had a lazy long breakfast. Son enjoyed his favourite bfast (pancake) and i havent eaten a good nasi lemak for a long time. I ate so much that i skipped lunch.

At the end of the day, when we are back home n before he sleeps, the son says 'after sleep, we go to the mountain again ok', u know u have spent your weekend right :)

Good night my munchkins! Love.

Note: he is starting a habit to hug me when he's trying to sleep. Cant decide if this is a good or bad habit ;)
We started sleeping Alea in a 'tengkurap' position since i just discovered one side of her back head became flatter than the other (peyang), ho!

Pic: stopping over at Goh Tong for lunch, had thai style fried fish and spinach soup woth anchovies, yunmy! Alea opened her eyes for 5 mins and continued sleeping, she is so calm!

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