Monday, August 04, 2014

My little man

He was wearing a tshirt with a boy wearing a cape pictured on it. He insisted  i wore a white shirt this morning, while i was adamant to wear my blue batik patterned shirt for our day-out trip. Its just a visit to the paed for Alea's vaccination, but i take all trips out of the home very seriously these days :) as in, i want to look good when i go out, it makes me feel good! Esp when most of my time these days are spent indoor with cosy pijamas :)

Anyway, to distract him from pestering me, looking for inspiration n all i could think was based from his tshirt pic, i told him 'i'll give u a matching cape'. I did use the word later/nanti/in the future.

For me, it could mean tomorrow.. Or next week. But for him it's next second, aka now already! So there he goes, successfully forgot about the white shirt, but now pestering me for the cape - which didnt exist yet! 

So upon reaching back home fr the paed trip, i cut an available large size felt, male it a slanted shape cape, n tied it around his neck, et voila! he loved it n insisted to wear it even for sleeping :)

He asked if he could fly with it in the room. I said no. He asked if he could use it to fly in the sky out there. I said no, only birds n characters in the movies can fly, i hope he understands. He asked later on if night comes he could fly.. Still no son..
(Of course this gives me chill that i should begin to lock my balcony...).

Fly in your dreamscape son, fly your hope high too, but i m a selfish mom, i dont want u to fly far from me,, no, am not ready yet for that. U grow up so fast, n one day u will soar so high, i will loose sight of you, but i will always wait for u to come back n visit, n tell me your stories of soaring up n far.

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