Saturday, April 28, 2012

Towards 9 months

My parents decided to come to KL to visit us & baby A this week. I've observed that Adam tends to talk/vocalize more when there are more people around him, it's as if he wants to join into our conversations. But yesterday he did one step further, so yes, another milestone. My mum was making funny sounds like 'brruuuttt' (almost like farting) & 'pfft- pfft' kiss sound with her mouth to Adam. Adam started immitating & he could actually master these 2 different sounds & he was really happy he could pick up these 2 new skills ... Then my mum started making a 3rd sound, it sounds 'klok.. klok...' but he couldnt immitate this one. So what he did... he crawled towards my mum who was lying low on the floor, stared closely at my mum's eyes, put his forehead on my mum's head like a bull about to attack,and then he slapped her forehead.. ahahaha! Of course, before and after he had this major grin on his face. This is like major social interaction step he's making. Not only he's immitating, but he interacts by showing his emotion thru physical show towards the other person :).. Few minutes after, he did another approach to my mum, but this time he deliberately landed a 'smooch' on my mum's lips. It's the sweetest thing!

So Adam's first kiss is with his grandMa. Record that son, it's not with some pretty hot chick down the lane that u will meet in 17 years time (or earlier) :D xoxo mum.

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Anonymous said...

senengnya Adam didatengin Yangkung sama Yangti.. :))

katanya emang gitu ter, kalo bayi2 di lingkungan rame, pasti cepet ngocehnya, kalo lingkungannya sepi suka lama, tapi kayaknya tergantung orang tuanya juga sih ya,kalo rajin ajak interaksi/ngomong, biasanya cepet juga. :)

nggak berasa ya udah mau 9 bulan ajah! :)