Saturday, August 20, 2011

The path to the world

How did he come into the world? After almost 10 months warmly cuddled in the womb, the time to come and see the world came on 2nd of August 2011.

So this is the story of my birthing experience, a bit long i must say, but it was such an exhilarating experience that i wanted to write down this to memory lane...

The water broke at 5.15am in the morning. I was still lying/sleeping on my bed when I felt something wet flowing down there. I walked to the bathroom, really just 2 metres away from my bed, and warm water started running down my thigh. By the time I reached the toilet, I knew this is the famed 'water broke' or in hypnobirth term, 'membrane release' accompanied by 'birth show' (aka blood show).  I went back and told my husband. While he still gained extra minutes of sleeping, I checked my delivery bag and put the last minute items into the bag, such as pillow, chargers, and I realized I needed more pads. My mum who heard my commotion also woke up and checked on me, upon which I told her the time has come :).
I timed my contraction, it was still very light, actually I wasnt sure it was a contraction, but it's the only thing I could time and it was about 6 minutes apart. My mum cooked breakfast and we took some pictures with Adam still in my belly and husband beside me. Finally at 8.30 am, we left for the hospital.

As we already had done pre-registration for labour n delivery, we went straight to 2nd floor, the L&D Unit and checked in into one of the rooms. I asked whether I could still wear my 'batik daster' but they don't allow n I changed to the hospital robe. I guess that was for hygienic and practical reason. Thereafter, they put those little discs attached on belt on my belly, they monitor the baby's heart rate and my uterine contraction. When the doctor came and did an internal examination at about 9.00am, I was at 3cm. The doctor ruptured further my membrane and I could feel water gushing out, the nurse said it will help speed up labour.

Boy he was right, after that I could feel contraction grew stronger, though I was also thinking maybe it's my own pain tolerance limit that couldn't take the pain well and I may be overfeeling it. I kept going to the toilet and felt more comfortable to sit there and swing my bottom on the bottomless seat...
Now I know what surges feel like, they are really like waves crushing into the seashores, once every few minutes. I tried listening to the rainbow relaxation track at the beginning of labour, but so sorry, I couldnt bear listening to Marie's voice at that time, hence turned it off. Instead, I just handled it naturally, without any particular thought in my mind, just trying to pass the time second by secon

At about 12pm, the doctor came in again & did a 2nd (and last) internal exam. Prior to that, I had politely declined the midwive's offer to do interim internal exams. To my surprise, he said I was already at 9cm dilation! Wow, I had thought I was still at 4 or 5cm dilation, as the contraction has only shortened to about once every 4-5 minutes. Before the doctor came, I was already mentioning the word 'epidural' to my husband as I thought I couldnt bear this longer... but since I was already 9cm, obviously i was on the last stretch already and epidural would not be practical anymore. So doctor left and mentioned to midwive I could start pushing in 1/2 hour time. Second wow... that is fast i thought...

So there... after 1/2 hour, midwive came & asked me is it ok to start pushing. I told her yes, but asked her to guide me/teach me on the breathing. Well, it's true what people say... it's like pushing when u're in the loo.. only much harder... My husband still remained besides me and supporting me all the way, while my mum waited outside.
I felt so sleepy at times during contraction, I think it's either the oxytoxyn hormone or the low iron that made me feel like dozing off, but then again the surges were so strong, so impossible to sleep! After about 1/2 hour trying, seems there's no progress.. I asked to rest which was granted... Then tried again after possibly 20mins, but same thing, no sign baby was coming out soon...

After one hour trying pushing, dr came again and said he's going to help with suction, cause one hour trying is already too long and he could see the baby's head was stuck at an angle. He did mention I still have to do the pushing though.. so there we go.. my legs were put on the prop and I have no idea how the suction tool could be inserted... he did have to do an episotomy though.
What happened next, was a series of pushing everytime the surge came. For every surge that probably lasted less than 1 minutes, I could do abt 3 consecutive pushings... Doctor and 2 midwives and my husband was the leading support team and they were amazing! At one point,dr R said 'we can do this together as a team', it did take the burden off me when he said that, i never put it in my mindset that birthing was a teamwork :).
So as my breathing became better and more effective (apparently I shouldnt make noise when pushing as the energy will split away..) and the doctor encouraged me that it will be over in 1 or 2 more surges, baby Adam finally surfaced at 1.57pm, head first. I didnt even realize his head was already out until the doctor said so!
Once he's fully out, they put the baby on my belly/breast, what a wonderful feeling! I started talking to him and so many words came out... we were in awe.. the midwive then further took the baby and put in a warmer beside me, while doing the cleaning etc. Meanwhile, i was still on 3rd phase, contracting out my placenta and also stiches was done to cover my tears. The stitching made me take the gas, it did help! Husband said he also tried the gas after I was done with it, cheeky him!

So that was the story of my first son delivery. I can only second what other mothers have experienced, that giving birth is one of the most exhilarating episode & hardest thing i've ever done in my life! But hey, it's all worth it and feels magical when u look at your own son/daughter, so pure and adorable (hey, all parents are bias towards their own offspring :) ) and wonder how on earth all this has happened.

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