Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My current indispensables

These days can't seem to live without these :) :
1. Nursing pillow. Just thick enough to elevate my newborn baby to the level I want & to rest my arm and distribute the baby weight. I just wish it had a belt with it so that it doesn't drop when i stand up n want to move :). Actually I am so tempted to buy another version of it, this local indo brand seems quite promising, whose design is after the renowned 'my brest friend' brand.

2. Nursing bra. This local brand is so comfortable & fits me perfectly. I had to buy extra of these. I had thought 3 was enough, but the 'leaks' make them wet quite easily... :(
3. Nursing pad. Never thought I would need quite a lot of these (re. the leaks)... I use the washable ones. If I had used the disposable ones, I'm sure I would be running boxes of them by now :)

well yeah.. they all revolve around breastfeeding, which is Adam's main comfort source (& need) :) . Oh, and i have to put lots of baby talc on my body, otherwise i really smell like a walking milk factory :)

And most importantly, my post-birth life would not be so good were it not for my mum, who has been a life-saver! Thanks to her, I don't need to think of what I would eat for lunch or dinner, she helps calming the baby when I'm out of energy, so I can catch up on some rest, and as what my dad had said, she 'keeps the domestic line impecable', ie. thanks to her the house is in order, and she has the sincerest heart in doing all these... Angel without wings are mums.. hope i can take care my kids as well as her.

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