Saturday, September 12, 2009

Missing Bakso

Yesterday, a friendly colleague took me out for Lunch in Chinatown, after hearing I'm missing Bakso/the Indonesian meat ball soup. Coincidentally she had planned to go there with her friend for a 'beef noodle' lunch. Turned up that they have Bakso as well in this part of the country, yay!

Verdict? It tastes different than the one back home, & aside from the meat balls, they also added slices of beef meats & tripes/offals (I initially thought that this was the cow's inside skin, but actually it's the lining of their stomach) and some sort of thick saucy paste (minced beef & chilli?) which completed the flavour of the soup. I like it very much.

Another blog has a review on it, click here if interested :). And my favourite foodblog eatingasia has it as well :)

Here, eating noodles is slightly more complicated than back home, where u usually only have to choose either to go with mi kuning (yellow noodles) or bihun (Vermicelli). I guess being closer to the country origin of noodles, ie. China, made people here have more varieties of noodle to offer. I still have to remember the different chinese names for the types of noodles, so I can order properly next time (usually these old stalls's servants dont speak english). Currently, this is what I've gathered:
- loh shue fun (rat tail noodle)
- hor fun (thick flat rice noodle)
- bee hoon
- yellow noodle (sang meen)
- Pan Meen (board noodles) <-- This is special dish, usually served with minced pork & ikan bilis (ikan teri!)

You also have a choice to eat your bakso soupy or dry, unlike our bakso which is always eaten soupy :)

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