Sunday, September 06, 2009

Afternoon Stroll at Pasar Kramat

One of our most frequent groceries shopping spot is the nearby Kramat Wet Market. Being a 'city' girl, I do most of my shopping in hypermarkets like Carrefour, Tesco, Jusco or Cold Storage. Sadly however, I've not been able to find fresher meats compared to those sold in Kramat Wet Market. The quality of meat, beef especially, in the hypermarkets are 80% horrendous.
Anyway, this afternoon, we dropped by to Kramat Wet Market, where in place of its open-air parking space, tents selling foods for 'buka puasa' were buzzling with people, sellers & buyers, mixed together. I love lively atmosphere like this, where people mingle actively, yet still in a peaceful manner. Lots of various things sold. We bought Roti John (bread in the form of baguette, but texture is same as hotdog sandwich bread, with thin layer of omelette spread in it plus mayo+ketchup), chendol ice (nothing beats Penang chendol), and local glutinous snacks.
One of the drink stalls was selling Chrysantemum Tea in plastic bags, as pictured above. Lovely isn't it, they actually had the flowers in it!

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