Monday, March 17, 2014

Langkawi Maternity Trip

We took a short getaway trip this weekend to Langkawi. After almost 5 years staying in Malaysia, we will finally step on the soils of this little island north of Penang.
I figured this will be probably my last relaxed holiday trip before i find it more difficult to move around with a bigger tummy or a clinging baby :). So i decided to splurge a little by choosing a very nice kids-friendly resort, beach n swimming pool laden, as i just wanted to relax and make it easy to take care of Adam. I made the trip short enough too as i dont want to tire myself too much handling a 2 yrs old hahaha... I kept saying 'i' cause i had to assume hubby couldnt join the trip due to his work may need him to be elsewhere.

Anyway, the waited weekend came and fortunately hubby could join us, so he bought the extra ticket. Friday afternoon we flew from LCCT. AR loves flying, he gets very excited since morning as we told him we were going to take an airplane. So hop we go.

Landed at LIA (Langkawi Intl Airport) without delay. We picked a car-rent service from one of the many counters in the arrival hall. Unfortunately the initial service was not good, the man waiting for us outside for the car was very rude about some miscommunication we had and hubby cancelled the service. Took a taxi instead, hotel is very nearby anyway at pantai Cengah. Had a dinner at hotel as it was almost 9pm already when we arrived. We even dined before we stepped into our room n called it a night.

So after a full breakfast the next morning, we headed to the hotel's beach. AR was walking around in the water with hubby. I swam with him too and i loved his expressions. He's quite afraid with the deeper water but he knows good enough that he was safe with me. After a while he discovered he had more fun with playing sands on the shore. I lathered him with sunblock 3 different times as it was blazing hot!
After a while, we switched to the swimming pool and A had even more fun as the water was the correct depth for him n i guess there is no coarse sand below his feet. It was a bit hard to get him off the pool n at the end he enjoyed a warm dip in the room's batthtub before we finally dry ourselves up n headed out for lunch! Boy we were all hungry. A even expresses verbally "Adam mau makan" while still in the hotel. In the car, he munched his biscuits fervently.

After lunch, we went back to hotel thinking it is good time for A to take a needy nap. But he just wouldnt sleep! I think he was too excited with all the fun activities he had in the past 24 hours that he just didnt feel to sleep it off. I kept thinking in my head if i accidentally made him sugar high with some chocolate or high sugary food but could not recall anything unusual. When at 5 pm we finally decided to go out and drive to 1/2 hr away Pekan Kuah for some duty-free shopping, only then he finally dozed off! He didnt really sleep long, just one hour. He as expected woke up when the car wasnt running longer, we were already making stops at shoplots for chocolates and alcoholic drink.
Had dinner at a thai restaurant, A was still eating a lot. As the hotel bungalow was a bit far from the lobby, several times, we took the buggy car to drive us there, which is undoubtly one of Adam' favourite parts of the trip :) he gets really excited when the car manoevers on the bumps and bents of the hotel alleys.
Unfortunately we had to close the night fast as A suddenly gone haywire, too tired of the day and getting cranky. He even asked me to lock myself in the toilet with no reason! Hahaha

Well that was bits of how the short trip went. Next day first am was similar before we headed back to Langkawi airport to close our trip. It was a worthy fun trip, think every one of us 3 enjoyed the moments.

This morning Adam came to my bed, woke me up and he said "Adam mau berenang ke pantai lagi. Besok naik pesawat ya" ;)


Arman said...

hehehe kurang panjang liburannya ya... :D

Retsa said...

Apa daya, lebih lama juga takut kecapean :)