Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gearing up towards 6 months

Yeah been some time n my baby is definitely getting more agile and it feels like the baby stage is going to be over before i know it ;p.

By now he is able to:
- lift both his butt n tummy from the ground when he's facing down,its a full push up,yay!
- has said 'Hai...' twice very loudly. Doubt he knows what it means but i'd like to think it is his first meaningful word :) second time was with a shopkeepeer,she was very shocked to hear it.
- travelled airbound on 7 flights already. Little munchkin getting easier to travel with.
- still vigorously sucks his 2 fingers (at least), i have no idea how to stop this. Hoping he will know when to stop,esp when his teeths erupt later. But the up-side is this keeps him occupied so we can do other things in peace :). It is like it is his fave toys. Doctor says not to worry.
- so easy to give smiles,wide ones, when there are others who grin at him, stranger or not :D
- just learning to eat solid (6mth minus 1.5wk), paedi says it is ok. It's been tiny servings, probably 20ml portion. Tried breastmilk with very little avocado - not too much success (first try, think was too diluted for him, plus he was still full from the morning feed, n the avocado tasted a bit too plain for me), steamed pear puree & red rice flour - the last 2 were successful.
- moves much faster n agile when on prone, tends to move backward if he is not rotating.
He was 7.7 kg n 65 cm at 5.5 mth.

ps: no pic at the mom. my laptop harddisk is full n i cant be bothered to connect to my external hard disk drive to do picture file transfer. I need a new laptop :)


Nova Sylvana M said...

adaaammm, makin besar ajah! udah 7,7 kilo?? wah nduuuttt.. masih kuat gendong nggak ter? ;))

adam suka beras merah ya? hebat loh! mudahan makin lama makin lancar makannya ya.
waktu noah dulu, sebelum 6 bulan juga aku coba2 kasih bubur, walau masih 3-4 sendok, lumayanlah. pas udah 6 bulan, makin lumayan makannya.
lain dengan keshia, asli nggak mau makan. biskuit, buah juga nggak mau. jadi ASI tok! sampe umur 1,5 tahun baru mau mulai makan dan langsung nasi, pake ikan tok! hihi. beda2 tiap anak.

rajin update blog dong ter. (hehe kalo nggak sibuk ya? :D)

Retsa said...

haha aku sih udah ngelimpahin tugas nggendong ke suami.. makin berat ajah.. tp klo nggendong sebentar krn akunya yg kangen meluk msh okeh :)

iya PTL Adam apa aja yg disodorin ke mulut dia terima dengan mulut lebar, malah sendoknya masih jauh dia udah mangap2 hihi.

Wah Keshia demen banget ama Asi! Hidup Asi :D

iya ni suka banyak yg kepikiran pengen ditulis, tp kok malah gak ketulis2 hihihi..