Saturday, May 08, 2010

Everything you do, I do it with heels!

I love and love this movie! Hilarious, it's been sometimes I watch a movie with excellent dialogue (Last time was "Juno") & Tina Fey was awesome! Brilliant comedian. . The story is about a married couple, with some years of marriage & kids... In an attempt to keep the 'spark' of their marriage alive & kicking, the pair went for a nice dinner date downtown, but something unexpected happened... and the movie is about what happened in that one night!
It's one of those movies with so many punch lines, that make you laugh out of your seat with repeat. Everybody in the cinema cracked with hearty laughter so many times. Not to mention, that the storyline combined, action, romance, and comedy at the same time. There are many movies that successfuly combine 2 of these 3 elements together, but all 3 & come out victorious? Hmmm.... I dont recall any actually. 
And you know the last part of the movie, where the list of actors & movie crew starts to roll up & people start to leave the room to avoid the exit jam? Well, for this movie, nobody in the audience actually got up! we were just sitting there, content with big grins on our face till the end of the actors list (We were nicely awareded by behind-the-scenes laughter-breaking cut-outs :) )  

Most memorables lines from the Movie:
- Honey, everything you do, I do it .... with HEELS!
- If I were to do it (the marriage) all over again, I would always always choose you - EVERYTIME

PS: Screenplay was written by Josh Klausner, who also wrote Shrek 3 & Shrek Forever After. He was also 2nd Unit Director for Shallow Hall, and Me, Myself & Irene. Director is Shawn Levy (Nights at the Museum).

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