Sunday, May 09, 2010

Books Geek

Can't resist the smells of paperback... I think my idea of relaxing (other than getting a good javanese massage with the lovely oil scent) is being in a bookshop, choosing 2 or 3 favourite books, & sit in a quiet coffeeshop at the corner of the bookshop to start savouring the books, with a cup of delicious hot mocha coffee.
Today I bought 3 new books:
1. Ramayana (supposedly written in child-friendly style, aha!). I've tried reading Mahabharata when I was in primary school, but I gave up, even just remembering the names made me dizzy already. So hopefully, this time I can read and understand one of the great legends left by our ancestors...
2. Traveler's Wife Tale: amazing love story, it seems. I feel like I need to hear one these days :)
3. A Collosal Failure of Common Sense: Someone said one can learn a lot of things from this book. Hopefully it gets me something, in my attempt to try to understand the essence of the finance industry :)

The fourth book in the picture is a book I'm currently reading, "Lords of Finance". Purpose: Same as point 3 above :). Looking back at history.

ps: Have added some accessories shopping to the pic: a silvery simple necklace and a black headband with oversized glittery "manik-manik" ribbon - both from Vincci Accessories. Another thing I can't resist buying these days :)

Hope your weekend was great, because mine was :)

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