Friday, December 05, 2008

Tips from an inspiring parent

Couldn't sleep at my proper bedtime. too much adrenaline running after a long meeting-run at work. Zapped the tv on & watched a dad's math olympiad winner daughter being interviewed. From the instant he answered questions on TV, I knew he was a good educator. What he said, and he really did say it nicely:
- Raihlah cita-cita itu, selama cita-cita itu gratis.
- Lihat ke arah mana interest si anak dan kembangkan, bukan kembangkan interest yg dimaui oleh orang tua, tapi interest si anak.
- Kembangkan interest si anak, agar dia bisa pakai itu sebagai arah dalam hidup.

Now, I realized I have quoted this not 100% exact wording, cause the interview sounded much better than the words I have typed in. But more or less, that was the meaning & I thought it was just good to note it down here, for me to remember...

And the little daughter, a probably 12 year old kid, the mathematics whizz actually said:
Matematika itu tidak dihafal, tapi dimengerti. Kalau mengerti, maka sendirinya akan hafal...

Hah...! It's really good wording, I shall say it if I meet someone who has difficulty in Maths. I really believe this, because that's what i've always (tried) to do for maths & physics :)

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