Sunday, October 12, 2008

Flight of the Red Balloon

Just finished watching this movie. My kind of movie when I feel I need something calming & refreshing...

Some notes on the movie:
- Like many other french non-action movies, the pace is slower compared to Hollywood movies. I feel that slower-paced movies give you enough time to connect & feel the characters in the movie.
- This movie reaffirms my believe in the difference btw general american & french movies... americans like to produce more adrenaline-wrenched movies, caters to most markets & easy to watch. While many french movies are little bit more poetic, the enjoyment of watching comes from implicit meaning of the stories. I'm not saying one is better than the other, I actually enjoy watching both, just depends on what mood I am on.
- I enjoyed this movie because, one, it reminds me of everyday's Paris. Many movies are set in Paris, but few show the 'daily' part of this. The setting chosen in a small old parisian apartment really gives you the smell of it. The apt is so small that the camera shoots were always taken from the same angle. It also gives you an attachment feeling to the movie.
- Second reason, probably, because I can connect to the main character. A busy woman, trying to juggle between finding money (work) and family. Sometimes, I wonder if I could be good in both, once I have more members in my family :)
- I thought the ending song "Tchin Tchin" (as in sound of 2 glasses clinking), by Camille, wrapped the movie beautifully

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