Saturday, April 05, 2008

The gift of life

My 2 last watched movies (both of which I've enjoyed much):
Knocked Up (starring beautiful Katherine Heigl) & Juno (featuring energetic Ellen Page)

Commonalities: Both revolve around the pregnancy topics.
I am not sure why, but this topic has come by to me quite a few times recently (maybe because I'm married, duh... ?)

Let's see.... what are the 2 most common annoying questions u ever get, on your personal life, once u have a partner... It will be in ascending order:
1. When will u both get married?
2. When will u have a baby?
Not that the question itself is annoying, but the fact that everybody asks this question is what makes it. Repetition kills, my friend (and I dont know yet what is the 3rd question after this).

For me, getting married was not a difficult step for me. It was like, I've wanted to do this, since long time ago. It was a dream to be fulfilled. But getting a baby is totally a different thing for me, a person who likes to be prepared for all kind of things. State of mind, mentally, and the knowledge of it. It's a totally different ball game I need to adjust to & to get to know of, I've thought. Since I'm not a person who go crazy over those little kids you know....
However, what people say turn out to be rite... The want of it comes naturally... I guess we dont have to make something simple complicated.

I pray that God will grant us this gift soon. The gift of life.


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