Saturday, March 08, 2008

27 Dresses

- Loved the movie
- This is so my favourite type of movie, romantic comedy with a down-to-earth character & it may be for this year :)
- I love Katherine Heigl eyes & how all the different eye make-ups look great on her.
- I also love her character's wardrobe, neat, but a little bit bohemian.
- This movie is so Aline Brosh McKenna's signature, I felt the plot speed is very simlar to Devil Wears prada, whose scenario she also did.
- Sadly, only rated it at 37%. I guess most of the voters were guys & they just dont get it :)
- Another great romantic comedy I loved is Sweethome Alabama. The similarity with 27D is that the male protagonist is also very down-to-earth. And I just notice RT rated this at 38% :)

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