Sunday, February 18, 2007

Biography Stories

My last 3 books that I've read were biography-based:

- Running with Scissors (Augusteen Borroughs)

- Laskar Pelangi (Andrea Hirata)

- Sang Pemimpi (Andrea Hirata)

RwS was a book I was eyeing for since a few years ago, and I finally bought it at discount in PS.

This book talks the author's life as a kid until his adolescence, his life seems to be in touched with very non-ordinary people & it's a gift that he can turn his somewhat sad/unfortunate life or misery, if I may say so, into a story that brings its readers laughter with sometimes perasaan miris.

Laskar Pelangi & Sang Pemimpi is similar in the sense that it echoes a childhood that many people would feel sorry for, mostly due to poverty, yet still draws laughter (& sometimes teary eyes). I dont know how many % of the story is pure truth, meaning real account of the author. I think some of them was fictional, but still the major points & and the background of this story I'm sure is real, for if not, how would one can account for in such detail like he's been there going thru it? This is a book about dreamers who reach their dream, while some dont because things make them not able too. I think the story in these books will stay close to the readers heart for a long time.

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