Monday, July 29, 2013

Going to 2 years soon

This friday, the boy will be 2 years old. Does he act and look like a 2 year old? I think so!
He's been unbelievably chatty these past few weeks. Like telling stories. Half of the time I cant decipher what he's saying though. Chatty when waking up (though he will stay quiet for a moment if i'm still asleep), chatty when about to close his eyes to sleep, chatty when he's happy. Absorbing or at least immitating what we say really fast.

His appetite! At the moment, he's having a great one. His tummy will really bulge and become hard after a good meal. And still, after a meal, he will ferociously grab his bottle of milk when offered one. I dont know which part of his stomach still has space for that. This is such a turn-around from his picky-eater situation which has been going down the hill since 12mth-18months. It started getting better when he joined the daycare. Peer pressure works, yes! He loves brocolli, mango, pears, and soup.

Potty-training wise: i see no clue yet when to start! He doesnt get bothered when he does number 2 in his nappy. He happily pees anywhere with/without nappy. I'm not going to rush yet to start, but will surely start dropping hints to him more often now he's 2 soon.

Loves pushing his pram around and take a walk outside of the house. Sometimes I have to turn off my urge to take him out and play, as his definition of outdoor playtime is at least 1 hour there, while mine is just about 30mins. So I always ended up forcing him to return home and spoiling his mood. Or I follow what he wants and I loose my own time (or not, since i'm with him).

He got a gentle side of his heart and showing it. He loves seeing small babies. He loves his soft toy, since 3-4 months back. Puts clothes on his dog/turtle/panda, bring them along to his area of play (kitchen/living room/my room etc). Gives food to them or make them eat out of a bowl ;p.

Can remember some parts of songs! Ah, this was quite surprising to me. I consider myself as totally lacking of right brain capability. Zero feeling in notes and music n stuff. can only memorize using left brain. and hubby though loves singing loud in karaoke session, cant play any musical instrument. So i dont think we have musical genes to pass down to the kid. So I was astonished that just suddenly he wanted to play the pelangi2/balonku/cicak2 songs in the ipad (he's been listening to them lots of times in the past months but never sang along before), and he was able to say some parts of the song (esp. the last syllabel of every line) correctly and at the correct timing, it almost feels he was reading the lyrics on screen.

Remembers. Note this down to myself, this kid got good memory!

Picks up clothes for me. Always picking up the flowery dresses for me. Cant wear those to work baby, otherwise i will look like a lady going for pic-nic, ;p Needless to say, he also picks his own clothes and sometimes he just refuse to wear other things. Like the other day we took him to a mini zoo, and he had to choose his penguin-pyjama pants and sleeveless pocoyo t-shirt for the trip. I must say he was the most under-dressed kid in the farm.

buses. ambulance. tractor. cranes. taxi. truck. He loves them all!

cherios, till another update of the kid.

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