Sunday, December 09, 2012

It's another Sunday wrap

So it's another sunday, and one very enjoyable one today. So much bonding with my kid and I still have this happy smile on my face, few hours since he began his night sleep, remembering all the fun we had today. Never had I thought that I could find the most wonderful companion in the heart of a one year old kid.

I can just stop this blog post here, for the risk of getting a bit more sentimental.
But heck, this is my blog right :) so i go on :D

So i looked into his eyes today and you know I wish what thoughts were rummaging in my mind could transcend to his eyes and into his mind, but I guess he knows it already. That I do love this little man of the purest heart! And I am just so thankful that this boy was the winner of a long-long race when he was still in mili-micro-metre size and emerged victorious, to come out into this world and finally born to us.

It's amazing to experience a developing interaction with your little kid and how fast the improvement of communication is. Like yesterday, i was looking for his water tumbler in the living room. And I was saying 'minum-minum' while my hands were pretending to hold a bottle and my lips doing 'sipping' motion, while i walked around the house to look for it. He looked at me and i just thought he is  trying so hard to understand what i was trying to do, and the next thing I knew, he looked around and found the bottle for me. Wow!
And how can I not mention all the silly dances (rather, moves) I do to make him smile, that not only draws his grin, but his loud laughter at times. And the hi-5 that we do. And the mini-tent games we play under the blanket :D
I love the way we are. So you know, this day I do feel very thankful, for the home that i am provided, for the luxury of time i have, for the good health that accompany me, for the work that doesn't stress me too much, all these co-exist together so well so I am able to spend precious time with my little child. What more can I ask.

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