Friday, November 23, 2012


Boleh dong ikutan ngeramein tanggal cantik 10-11-12. Tak dirasa, tanggal ini merayakan 5 tahun pernikahan me & hubby. This day this year gak ada special rose or anniversary cake, just a few phonecalls from the other side of the globe where he currently is to mark the moment (well, the first few calls were a few hours too early from the day :) ).

And i didnt even think to blog it till i heard on the radio this marriage joke:
Q: Marriage involves 3 rings, what are they?
A: Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, and.... Suffer-ring... *LOL*
well actually the 3rd one should be replaced by "Endu-ring"

so, clink-clink.., here is for our endurance. Just like a race, hope we run and stick together till the finish line, and finish strong!

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