Monday, October 29, 2012

14 Months

Actually I dont know how long i can keep up recording his monthly milestones, because there are so many things happening and I'm sure there will be more that it's gonna be difficult to track. Anyway, here are the latest things that amuse me:
- He gets people to help him do what he want when he cant. For example, he always says 'uh uh..' while pointing at what interests him for us to help pick it up & give to him. When he wants to be carried by me, he will hold my legs and stomp his feet multiple times. And the last 'brainer' thing he did, was last night, he saw his favourite shampoo bottle (the one with the pump at the top which he can munch (and suck out the liquid a little bit) ) on the high table. He of course sought for my attention and asked me to take it for him. When he saw that i was doing nothing to help him. He actually walked out of the room, and went to my maid's room to call her. When she's out to follow him, he went to point to the bottle to ask her to pick it up for him. Haha, see he finds ways to get what he wants. i found it quite resourceful i must say! My doctor told me the day will come he will find ways to get things such as pushing a stool so he can climb onto it to reach top of table, but my boy thought of another simpler way, call other people for help!

- He chooses how much he wants to eat and the boy got taste! Now, i have to start racking my brain (and the internet) for some tasty meals for him. He is not so interested in bland food anymore or maybe he got bored with all the steamed-but-so-easy to prepare stuff. Since he's few months past 1 year, i have relegated for a tiny bit of salt to be put into his food, as it did make a diff for him to want to eat it. He loves yogurt (fruity one) & mango. I also cooked him spaghetti (one that tasted rally like real tomato-based spagehetti) and he loved it. Salmon alone he didnt really like it. but salmon with cauliflower & white sauce in chicken broth, he finished it! We stop giving him food when he refuses to open his mouth anymore. Hope he's not getting too skinny. As long as he is healthy.

- It is lovely to see him interact with people, esp. if they can really form sort of a bond. I see this amazingly btw him and his grand-pa. He even purposely looked for him several times during the vacay. And within few days was able to call him 'eya' (from eyang), though after mastering that, he doesnt call him by this name anymore. Whenever kiddo sees him, he grins with big smile as he knows he is going to be involved in some sort of 'game' with his grandpa, whether it is play & catch, rhytm and music, flying paper plane, or walk to the garden.

- He is fascinated by moving animals, such as cats and birds (ok, these are the only animals we see in the condo area). If he sees them, he will point to them and make funny amazed noises and will try to run after them.

- He hasnt developed more constantly-repetitive clear meaningful words yet. but he is definitely trying out new expanding phonics, sometimes he repeats word i say (or try to) though i doubt he knows the meaning of it.

- When we say no or 'jangan' or 'gak boleh', the more he will do what he cant do. Before 12 mths, he was obedient, but after that it's the opposite ;p

- He started to enjoy lying down on a soft bed, sitting down comfortably against a pillow, or just sitting down on a stair step, and sleeping while putting his head on my stomach or part of my body. Before this he only knows to sleep straight on a flat bed surface. Also, when i lay him down to sleep in the dark, he can actually enjoy moments of darkness without crying. Heyo, why this not sooner boy? ;p

- He developed interest with his plush toys (we have an ikea buldog, a tiger from the safari zoo, and a small bear), when he sees them he loves carrying them and give it to me one by one (actually dont know whether he likes it or thinks that i like it therefore he always gives them to me). but sometime, he will kiss them too. Oh, and he hardly gives me any kiss when i ask for it. However if i am still really sleeping and he wants me to be awake, he will kiss me :D am a happy mum. so sometimes i pretend to sleep so he can kiss me :P

so many other things, but these are the first thoughts that came to my mind right now.
catch up later!

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