Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Look where i'm pointing Ma

Note: This is a post when Adam was #11 months.
Adam has mastered one obvious word, 'mbak'. Ya, unfortunately, he's using it in a very obvious manner, that i cant deny it. #nasib emak2 ninggalin anaknya kerja.
Of course i try to make him catch up with the word mama, but at first he kept saying babababaa, now a little bit of progress, when he feels like it he may change it to papamama.. #maybe just to make me a little bit happier, hehehe.

But ya,back to the original topic of this post, since beyond those words, he cant really spell out other names, he is using his finger to point to things that pick up his interest. It kind of amazed me that he picked up this kind of skill, seems like out of a sudden or out of the blue, when in reality it's really not out of nowhere - we all heard it before 'kids copy what their parents do', 'baby see, baby do', 'kids are like sponge, absorbing everything around them' etc.

Another example is when he picked up the fan remote control and started pointing it to the fan. Nevermeant to teach him that, but he just figured there must be some connection between the remote control and the fan, since every adult (me, dad, and the assistant) seem to be doing it now and then :)

so i guess, this is a reminder to me, how a kid's brain evolves fast, and to watch out for my own behaviour ;p otherwise he may just end up copying what i dont want him to copy ;)

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