Saturday, February 27, 2010

An image for the weekend

There's been some really hot domestic issues back home on the Century case. I am not a fan of politics or going to talk about politics here. Although media/newspaper/tv in Indonesia can be considered free-press style, I've witnessed recently that their views or coverage stories may be geared towards a certain side, possibly giving the wrong understanding or incomplete picture to the public, instead of educating. How then can we trust the the report, as far as objectivity is concerned? Anyhow... I do not follow this particular issue closely, but I do believe in the professionalism of our MoF and I do hope she remains at her post. Too many good things she has done to this country and should continue to do.
For now, I prefer to treat myself with excellent pictures taken by the photo-journalists. Here's one to enjoy the weekend:
Lomography Loves Indonesia Expo - 26Feb10 Grand Indonesia - Photo by KOMPAS/Kristianto Purnomo

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