Saturday, January 30, 2010

Namul in the Banchans

Since C has a Korean working colleague, he starts introducing me to Korean Restaurants. I have not been really familiar with korean cuisine, except Bulgogi (in Pasaraya BlokM that i keep coming and coming again) & Bimbimbap (My favourite used to be in T2 Cengkareng, but i think they are not there anymore).
After a few resto tries here, I've become quite fond of some of their vegetables side dishes. Korean restos serve mini side dishes "Banchan" while we wait for our main course, in tiny little plates, that remind me of Padang style food serving :).
The variety includes their famous vinegar-and-chilli-fermented cabbage - Kimchi - which unfortunately I still dont like :) They also serve sweet mashed potato, softened peanuts, cucumber slices, but my favourites are their fresh boiled vegetables:
- Spinach Namul (Sigumchi Namul)
- Asparagus Namul
- Bean Sprouts Namul (Sukju Namul or  kongnamul muchim)
I've been a lazy snail in cooking, but if i were to cook vege-s soon, I think I will try the above recipes. They seem so simple to make isnt it.
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