Sunday, August 16, 2009

Phuket Bliss

Finally! we went to Phuket, just a 4 days 3 night trip, but it was a refreshing (and much needed) holiday. Great things we did:
1. Snorkelling and swimming in the gorgeous blue turquoise waters of Ko Phi Phi Islands
2. Lazing around the picturesque Maya Bay
3. Sea-Canoeing thru the cave tunnels in Ao Phang Nga lagoons
4. Finding the bohemian secluded beach of Leam Singh.
5. Shopping in JungCeylon (too little time)
6. 1 hour thai massage, first time in my life. so invigorating!
7. Sunset at the windy PhromPaet Cape
8. Eating thai street food, meat satays!
9. Enjoying the friendliness and the smiles of the Thai people
10. Renting a car for a day and beach crusing all the west facing Phuket Beaches...
This trip to Phuket is our first, but not the last hopefully! I can almost hear its beauty calling us back for another trip :) We will be back :)


Anonymous said...

wah seneng banget ter, walau cuma 4hr 3mlm tp seru :)

Retsa said...

Hai Nov... iyah.. lumayan banget . klo udah liburan, mo 2 hari or 3 hari jg tetep aja menyenangkan :)