Friday, September 26, 2008

Cream au Caramel

I finally baked my first desert using my oven. After trying out making grilled banana au caramel with dried raisins last Tuesday, I decided it is now the time to make something milk based. My mind unfolded to cream caramel memories, my mum bakes really good ones when I was small & she always said it's easy to make.

So I searched in the internet for the recipe & there is the result.

I dont know how it tastes yet, as it's still cooling off & I will put it in the fridge, before savouring it cold. So far, the smell is good & the look does not fail. Hmmm... I hope it's good enough to share with people in the office :)

last update as of 27 Sept: The cream tasted as much as I wanted it to be :) Yippee!

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