Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last day of Xenia

Today is a bit sentimental. I let go my first car to a family living in Southern Jakarta. I never had thought that I could feel some sort of sadness in my last few moments with this car today. The car carries a lot of memories and for me it's just like my faithful dog. My companion when i'm alone, driving me to places in the City, during worst times, sad times, happy times, tired or not tired, traffic jam or flawless traffic, finding a house, choosing wedding vendors, dating my ex-boyfriend (now husband), and carrying me home safely every night. It energizes me every morning and calms me after a busy day. If it was a living thing, it would be able to read my mind and would be my best friend.
The car that never failed me. The car that carries many stories.

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Anonymous said...

u sold the car oredi?? can feel for you but can also say it was for the better, heheh... (i wudnt call her a safe car..) =p =))